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Review: The future of spin lies in the new CRU TV Bike

I don’t think I can count the number of times my friends have asked me to join a spin class with them. The answer however, has always been a resounding “No”.

Hear me out: It’s not just the horror stories I’ve read and heard about people getting rhabdomyolysis (simply put, it’s a potentially fatal condition when your muscles break down after over-exertion), but more of the social pressure of being in the studio. No, seriously.

I had seen enough of the lights, deafening music, motivational screaming and “perfectly-shaped” women in nothing but pastel tights and sports bras on social media.

I, on the other hand, am more of an old, oversized T-shirt and basic black tights kind of vibe, and my anxiety-ridden personality just wasn’t ready to face the world under such heart-pumping circumstances just yet.

So when CRU reached out for a trial of their new CRU TV Bike in the comfort of my home, I jumped at it.

A purchase of the brand-new CRU TV Bike starts at S$3,800.

Setting up the bike is simple — 40 minutes tops — and you won’t even have to lift a finger. After all, each purchase (or in this case, trial) of the bike comes with two people from the studio that’ll get it ready for you. All you’ve got to do is link your home wifi to the machine and you’re all set.

Now, this isn’t your ordinary spin bike. The sleek, black, state-of-the-art machine has changed the game completely, coupled with additions like a power meter and a statistics page to keep track of your progress. The most obvious difference? A 21.5-inch HD touchscreen sitting right in front of your bike handles so that you can follow your spin workouts with ease. No more laptop-on-stool balancing acts. The touchscreen even rotates 180-degrees to facilitate floor-based workouts.

A subscription of the CRU TV App will give you access to a whole suite of spin class videos, each ranging in difficulties and instructors. As a beginner, I started with Bebe’s Welcome to the Pack, a 30-minute workout that left me breathless. Lack of fitness aside, it was honestly comforting to be able to repeat the same workout (there are other beginner videos as well) to get a sense of familiarity before moving onto other classes.

This new CRU TV Bike comes with a Power Meter that’s most commonly used by professional cycling teams, meaning I was able to track my power output, distance and cadence (pedal speed) as I went along. My favourite bit? Seeing the numbers rise on the little box that measures my calories burnt as I pedalled, which fuelled my personal desire to keep going.

Floor-based workouts are a breeze: just flip the screen and start your class.

The bike could’ve been easily done and dusted with an attached tv for easy class viewing and a stats page: that in itself is a huge improvement from off-the-shelf spin bikes in the market. CRU, however, has taken it one step further by incorporating every aspect of its CRU TV app on the screen, which means that it also comes with yoga, boxing, and mediation classes for a more diverse workout experience.

The yoga classes were especially useful for an early morning stretch or an evening wind-down after hunching over the table the entire day. The best part? Choosing to take it one step further with a higher intensity boxing or spin class immediately after — if energy levels allowed — before following up with a cold shower. Zero bookings, waiting time, or transport needed.

Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate learner or an advanced studio junkie, each workout pillar can be organised in terms of difficulty, and you can count on the professional instructors on screen to take you through each one of your muscle burning escapades.

Needless to say, I was quite convinced to get one of my own after this. Is it the fact that the CRU TV Bike has made it even easier to work out on a flexible schedule, sans the performative pressure you get in studios? Maybe. Or perhaps it’s those sneaky mini breaks I can give myself too.

Find out more about the CRU TV Bike here.

Review: The future of spin lies in the new CRU TV Bike

Jocelyn Tan

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