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Review: Platinum Fitness debuts with high-tech equipment and killer classes

If you’ve ever found yourself sleepless at three in the morning and craving a good workout, it’s nice to know that your gym can cater to that whim. Now, Platinum Fitness joins a very, very small handful of premium gyms in Singapore that offers the luxury of 24/7 access to high-quality machinery and dynamic classes, all while being in the heart of Singapore’s bustling CBD. 

Founded by Charlie Temple and Max Johnson, both of which first launched the concept in the Philippines to great success, the space is a convenient addition to the nation’s busiest part of town. 


High-end Matrix equipment are present throughout the 24-hour premium underground gym.

Located in the basement of OUE Downtown in Tanjong Pagar, the intimate gym isn’t as expansive as your other franchised offerings, but manages to fit a curated selection of Matrix equipment throughout for a thorough workout. It’s designed to be an optimum space for various formats of working out, providing the flexibility of training alone, with an in-house trainer, or even working with an external trainer of your preference. 

The minimalist interiors reflect the no-frills approach of Platinum Fitness. Besides a generous dose of top line cardio machines — with the latest console technology — expect functional training alternatives such as the S-Drive Performance Trainer. The endurance-booster is a functional trainer that works just as a weighted sled or resistance parachute would, elevating overall explosiveness during your workouts. 

Functional training tools are also available for workouts such as high-intensity interval training.

For those who prefer to go organic, the gym is well-stocked with hand weights, kettle bells, and TRX suspension trainers, alongside a dedicated turfed area for sled exercises that’ll intensify your workouts without the added risk of impact-related injury.


Everyone loves a good sweat, but Platinum Fitness took it upon itself to challenge our threshold for pain with its HIIT-focused classes. For the full experience, we had a go at the full-body HIIT class, where the instructor unleashed an hour-long session comprised of 40-second all-out activity followed by a 20-second active rest period. The regime was a thoughtful incorporation of moves that were both familiar (jump squats, planks, lunges) and unusual (TRX sprints, sled pulls, and box jumps), keeping the workout fresh and us, on our toes throughout. The active rest in between sets — mountain climbers and burpees — maximises the workout’s benefits by keeping your heart rate consistently pumped while pushing you past your plateau. 

Other classes that will be offered include core and leg focused HIIT classes, if you should be so brave. 


Platinum Fitness
Besides being open 24/7, the gym allows the flexibility of bringing your own personal trainer.

What Platinum Fitness lacks for in space, it makes up with flexibility. Besides being the perfect spot for night owls and early birds, the freedom to explore a workout regime that works for you — such as bringing in your own trainer — makes the space a conducive, hassle-free one that’ll allow you to hit your fitness goals sooner. The class’ intensity will help you push past any known limits, and you’ll leave the gym feeling proud of yourself (albeit with very sore muscles).

Review: Platinum Fitness debuts with high-tech equipment and killer classes

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