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Seriously Keto launches Singapore’s first and only ketogenic hub

If there’s one diet that’s become the wellness buzzword for 2019, it’s the Keto diet. The low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat dining regime is named so for its ability to burn fat instead of carbohydrates in the body, achieving a state of “ketosis” whereby a host of benefits ranging from weight loss to improved brain health is promised to ensue.


The garlic pretzels (Image credit: Seriously Keto)

The good news is that what once used to be a demanding dietary habit is now clearly becoming a widely-accepted lifestyle — even in Singapore — and this movement is being spearheaded by Seriously Keto. Founded by Janti Joso Brasali, the exclusively-ketogenic bakery debuted as an online platform mid-February selling delectable takes on low carb, gluten-free and zero sugar desserts. They’ve been so well-received by the growing community, that she’ll be expanding into a brick-and-mortar business at Seah Street. 

As Singapore’s first and only ketogenic hub, Seriously Keto will consist of a retail store that not only serves up ready-to-eat products but also raw ingredients, so you can take this lifestyle to the next level at home too. 

It’s also designed to be a space where fellow “ketonians” can hang out and enjoy Brasali’s well-loved desserts, only this time the passionate baker will expand into savouries too, offering snacks such as garlic pretzels, rosemary loafs, and ricotta spinach quiche. Her sweets will still make up a good portion of the health-conscious menu, with items such as pecan tigresses and double chocolate chip cookies that’ll surely be a hit amongst even the most discerning.

The Thai iced tea with jelly. (Image credit: Seriously Keto)

Those looking to cool down from the perpetual heatwave here can look forward to refreshing drinks such as Thai iced tea with jelly and coffee with coconut jelly, while her popular repertoire of KetoSpreads will now include condensed milk and chocolate. All of these are made with Swerve, a sugar substitute derived from natural ingredients, so they’re not only in line with the keto credo but also suitable for diabetics and calorie-counters. 

Seriously Keto, 32 Seah Street, Singapore 188388,

Seriously Keto launches Singapore’s first and only ketogenic hub

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