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All the essential home gym equipment you need to elevate your workouts

So here we are once again, on the cusp of — dare we say it — another circuit breaker.

Gyms, of course, have become an unfortunate casualty in this viral war once again, and unsurprisingly so; the heavy breathing, high-contact areas, and camaraderie that come with working out at these institutions can make it extremely easy for the virus to spread. 

Although a necessity, the closure of gyms until 30 May has affected thousands who have worked hard to meet their fitness goals. But not all hope is lost just yet, because building a home gym is much easier than you think — see guide here. 

No matter what type of living situation you have or budget constraints you might face, there’s always equipment that can work for your space — all you have to do is get creative and be flexible with your workouts.

Whether you’re interested in heavy lifting or want to get sweaty with HIIT, here are all the best home gym equipment to shop for.

Filled with everything you need to transform your room into a respectable yoga and fitness studio, this kit contains the brand’s best-in-class gear. You’ll find two Uplifting Blocks for balance and stability, a two-in-one yoga strap that doubles as a mat tote, and a Grounded No-Slip Towel that’ll keep your mat dry during sweaty sequences. Alo’s best-selling Warrior Mat is also included in the mix, as is a limited edition shopper tote that’s great for groceries and as a stylish storage solution.

But perhaps the highlight of this kit is the accompanying annual membership to Alo Moves, the brand’s streaming workout service that offers yoga, fitness, and meditation classes.


Kettlebells are one of the most versatile types of weights to have in your home gym, but they’re also heavy, unwieldy, and expensive. An adjustable kettlebell lets you switch up the weight depending on how you progress or the type of exercise you’re doing, so you can lighten up for your presses and dial it back up again for swings effortlessly. The best part? It’ll take up way less space than its traditional counterparts, leaving you with more fitness real estate at home.


Although well-loved by Olympians, pro athletes and fitness fanatics worldwide for being an efficient and effective total body workout, TRX is also an excellent option for those looking for a fuss-free fitness solution at home. The system can be set up anywhere you want, and its suspended nature makes it a low impact training method that caters to beginners and those with injuries. The TRX Pro 4 System is the most advanced and versatile one yet, and features adjustable foot cradles, upgraded webbing and antimicrobial rubber handles for challenging body weight workouts.


Designed specifically for weight training at home, this compact, fuss-free rack is extremely versatile, allowing for both full bodyweight moves like chin-ups as well as free weight workouts like squats and bench presses. It’ll also store your weights and bar, and has anti-tipping hooks for safe training, so you can train with confidence even at home.


5 /6

If you’re looking to get a killer booty workout in, this glute band by Gymshark offers a challenging resistance without any extra equipment, so you can take your leg training with you anywhere. The medium version here provides 12 to 16kg of resistance, but there are also lighter and heavier alternatives depending on your fitness level. The thick fabric band is also much comfier than the usual thin latex versions, and is good for a range of glute-toning exercises, from squats and standing glute kickbacks to rainbow kicks.

Approx. S$27

6 /6

Easily the most inexpensive but useful piece of equipment you could add to your home gym, a jump rope is great for both beginners and advanced users to supplement their workouts with, as well as to keep your feet moving on days you can’t get a full workout in. Its benefits are extensive, and include burning calories, better coordination, a lower injury risk, and improved heart health. Of the lot, these WOD Nation speed jump ropes are most popular for its lightweight and innovative design.

All the essential home gym equipment you need to elevate your workouts

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