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Stylish fitness gifts for the most discerning of gym buffs

We all know of at least one person who practically lives in the gym, better yet if it’s you. Shopping for fitness buffs can appear deceptively easy, after all, you just have to pick something up from the nearest Nike right? The bad (or good) news is that gym junkies are also getting increasingly sophisticated with their shopping.

Here, design gets placed on the same pedestal as functionality, as fashion and product designers dabble in the burgeoning luxury segment for their own take on stylish high-performance workout gear. Technology is also a big focus, as traditional equipment are upgraded to become more state-of-the-art companions for exercise enthusiasts. 

Whether you’re shopping for your favourite yogi partner or your Crossfit-crazy best friend, here are the best luxury fitness gifts of the season. 

Hyperice Viper 2.0

Essentially a foam roller on steroids, the Hyper 2.0 features three speeds of high-intensity vibration for optimum self myofascial release. It’s designed to be twice as effective as a regular foam roller for warm ups and active recovery, while providing an increased range of motion. Inside, the rechargeable lithium batteries provide up to two hours of use per charge. 


Nike x Ambush reversible track jacket

Now that Nike has collaborated with celebrated jewellery designer and one half of Ambush, Yoon Ahn, it’s almost certain that athleisure is at its peak. Yet in true Nike style, the pieces remain extremely functional, which puts it right at home with both the gym junkies and the street-style set. If you’re able to get your hands on this high-profile collaboration at all, make a beeline for the reversible track jacket, which sees fleece on one side and a metallic foil ripstop on the other, or the Dri-Fit stretch bodysuit, which should take you through workouts in absolute style. 


WaterRower Rowing Machine

Here’s where it gets a little over-the-top, but completely worth it. The fact that it’s sold at the Museum of Modern Art aside, the WaterRower Rowing Machine is as elegant as fitness machines can get, with an ethically-sourced cherry wood body connected to the patented Waterflywheel, which uses actual water. This not only provides a smooth stroke that exercises most of your muscle mass evenly, it also prevents injuries while building strength and stamina. To justify an entire rowing machine at home, the WaterRower can be conveniently stored in a corner in an upright position. 


QardioBase 2 Smart Scale

Designed to help you understand your fitness journey better sans the unnecessary stress, the QardioBase 2 Smart Scale is a sleek black or white weighing scale that measures weight, BMI, and full body composition. Changes to muscle, fat, water and bone can also be detected when used with the app, and features such as the option of replacing numbers with smileys are included to help keep you focused on long term progress instead. 


Adidas Statement Collection

Inspired by Stella McCartney — a long-time Adidas collaborator — and her penchant for incorporating graphic hues with intelligent designs, the Statement collection is engineered to support a range of body types and training activities of all intensities, from a relaxing session of yoga to an adrenaline-pushing HIIT workout. The lightweight collection fits like second skin, with distinctive floral camouflage and geometric prints as empowering touches to the new stand-out, women’s-only series.


Shatricia Nair
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