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The best boxing gyms in Singapore for a HIIT-combined workout

Do you, like 99 percent of the world’s population, hate running on the treadmill or wrestling the elliptical for an hour just to clock some cardio into your routine? The good news is that there are infinitely more exciting ways to get your heart pumping, and boxing gyms in Singapore sit on the upper echelons on that list.

The benefits of boxing go beyond the therapeutic punching of bags after a trying day at work. While it appears to only work the upper body, the sport is actually a full body workout, engaging even your lower body and core throughout for a full-on sweat session. Over the years, its growing popularity has helped it lose its stereotype as a testosterone-dominated sport, a trend especially prevalent with a rising number of female boxing instructors in boxing gyms in Singapore.

While many still offer traditional, old-school training techniques, the newer boxing gyms often incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT)and other strength training moves during the fast-paced workout to make it more accessible to the time-constrained.

Here are some of our favourite boxing gyms in Singapore.

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Boom Singapore

Boom Singapore appears to be a tranquil respite within the bustling CBD on the surface, but it’s a whole new ball game when class starts. Its signature class — the Boom Box — is developed with its two founders’ experience in coaching, and incorporates boxing elements with targeted weight training. Set amidst a curated playlist of fast tracks, the 45-minute session hits the sweet spot when it comes to cardio and muscle development, and the complex boxing movements keep you on your toes throughout. The clean, minimalist atmosphere also sees a Community Area that’s perfect for socialising or winding down after a long day.


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Established earlier this year, the trendy exercise nook offers the bustling Telok Ayer stretch a stylish take on boxing. Its Overthrow class is a dynamic 50-minute burnout session that promises to test your stamina and strength over a duration of 12 rounds — championship bout-style. Here, boxing combinations are combined with high-intensity bodyweight and kettlebell moves, with active rest in between sets to help you push past your plateaus. For beginners, the Undercard is another 50-minute foundation class that covers the basics of boxing, making the intimidating sport more accessible to everyone.


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Ground Zero

Like the previous two gyms, Ground Zero is another HIIT-meets-boxing experience that takes place within a nightclub-inspired room, a setting which will undoubtedly spawn dozens of Instagram check-ins. Traditional sand-filled punching bags are gone in place of trendy aqua punching bags, which allow the user to hit harder with a reduced injury risk. The 45-minute total body conditioning workout will also feature flashing neon lights and a professional sound system for a completely immersive experience.


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Evolve MMA

Anyone who has done any research on combat sports in Singapore would inevitably see Evolve MMA spring up on many occasions — and for good reason. With the largest and most experienced world-renowned instructor team, the gym runs more than 700 classes a week throughout Asia, alongside other disciplines of combat sport such as Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The boxing classes there are led by an intense line-up of world champions, which cover everything from the basics to serious fighting techniques used in the ring.


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Core Collective

If you’re the sort who likes staying in the gym all day, Core Collective is your best bet. The space is an innovative concept that fuses an extensive range of wellness and fitness services, which spans from sports massage and dietetics to combat sport and callisthenics. Boxing skills are interspersed with core strengthening exercises here, and taught in three-minute rounds for a fast-paced workout.


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Still Boxing

Tucked away in the basement of OUE Downtownis Still Boxing, the brainchild of GuavaLabs. Here, the action-packed group class sees a boxing regime that’s switched up several notches with cardio, strength, and toning exercises. Set within a dark room with flashing lights and adrenaline-pumping beats, the intense 11-round session incorporates other exercises such as burpees, planks and lunges in between for a proper full-body workout.


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