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The LSA ultimate guide to sustainability

April may play host to the annual Earth Day, but let’s not forget that being kinder to the environment isn’t a one-off affair.

At LSA, we’ve taken the initiative to be sustainable in the long run too. From our editor taking the plunge to go plant-based in his diet, to a month-long focus on sustainability in our articles, we’re making use of our platform to inform our readers about “alternative” lifestyle choices that are better for the planet. We hope that one day these “alternative” choices will find themselves out of the quotation marks, and really become the norm for all to be better to place we call home.

Here’s our guide about everything you need to know about starting a sustainable lifestyle here in Singapore.



IWC’s latest vegan leather watch straps are made of paper

The Swiss manufacturer’s answer to low-impact yet high-quality alternative to animal leather? Paper.

Store Explore: The Lounge by Zerrin is a rare, safe haven for eco-friendly shoppers 

If you’re starting out your sustainable fashion journey, you might want to take a trip to The Lounge by Zerrin. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect.


Loewe’s new woven bags crafted from surplus leather are this season’s must-have

This new line of Woven basket bags from The Surplus Project is made entirely out of calfskin that would otherwise be discarded; surplus leather from prior collections, given new leases on life. Sounds perfect to us.

More global fashion brands are turning to mushroom leather

Your future ‘it bag’ or your new sneakers could be made from mushrooms.

Looking for sustainable and ethical jewellery? Try these lab-grown diamond brands

Natural diamonds, whose mining processes are often than not tainted with unethical labour and environmental damage. So why not take a chance at sustainable and ethically produced lab-gown ones instead?

Want to get rid of your old, used clothes? Here are four sustainable ways to do so

Here, we’ve listed all the eco-friendly ways you can get rid of the wardrobe pieces that no longer serve you.

ASICS unveils its most sustainable sneakers yet, and they’re pretty fresh

The Japanese brand has put an eco-friendly spin on its signatures — and its not just because of the recycled materials. Read on for all the details.

Food & Drink

You can now dig in to lab-grown chicken at home — but would you?

Foodpanda is bringing cultured chicken to your doorstep.

conscious consumption

More Singaporeans are going flexitarian, according to this report

The new buzzword floating around these days? Flexitarianism, a portmanteau of the words flexible and vegetarianism.

10 of the best food apps if you’re trying out a plant-based diet

If you think its hard to get into a plant-based diet, think again. These apps will help transition you along in the smoothest way possible.

plant-based yakiniku meat

We tried the world’s first plant-based yakiniku meat. Here’s how it tasted.

If you told us five years ago we’d be having grilled plant-based beef short rib at a commercial restaurant, we wouldn’t have believed you. Read on for the full experience.

best vegan cookbooks

These vegan cookbooks show that going plant-based doesn’t mean eating rabbit food

Here, we look at some of the best vegan cookbooks offering up tried-and-tested mouth-watering recipes that are as good for the body as it is for the soul.

Our definitive guide on where to buy plant-based meat in Singapore

Going plant-based? Here’s where to get alternative meats so you can follow through your vegetarian/vegan/flexitarian diet at home.

There’s a new plant-based chicken in Singapore called Tindle — here’s what it tastes like

Nine ingredients (all GMO-free), some magic from Singapore-based Next Gen Foods and you’ve got yourself a “chicken” patty ready to be cooked for consumption. Read on for our full experience.

Beauty & Grooming

The best reef-safe sunscreens to protect your skin (and the ocean) this summer

We’re all for shielding our skin from damaging UV rays, but we might also be damaging the coral reefs in the process. Read on for all the suncreens to grab while you’re swimming in the seas this summer.

sustainable beauty

The complete guide to sustainable beauty, from environmentally-friendly ingredients to reusable packaging

Here, a complete guide to how you can practice sustainable beauty, and the best products to shop for to support the cause.

The LSA ultimate guide to sustainability

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