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These are the best wellness retreats in Asia to book in 2019

It’s easy to get caught within the trappings of the rat race, especially if you’re leading a clockwork lifestyle that easily describes most nine-to-five jobs. Finding your zen has become a luxury few can afford in their hectic lifestyle, but if being efficient has taught us anything, it’s how to combine your holiday with a dose of much-deserved spiritual healing.

Situated within stunning resorts in some of the most exotic locations in Asia, these wellness retreats offer more than breathtaking panoramas. They also include an itinerary that’s specially tailored to recalibrate your mind, body, and soul, so you return to the daily grind feeling whole and reborn — again. 

From meditating on a private island in Cambodia, to practicing barre in the Maldives, here are the best wellness retreats in Asia this year. 

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Aman Journey to Peace

Set over six nights at your choice of four (or all) of Aman’s most serene resorts in Indochina in October and November 2019, Journey to Peace is an exercise in the ancient lessons of Bon Tibetan Tradition, where serenity and spirituality are key. 

Led by renowned Buddhist monk and mindfulness coach Geshe YongDong, the retreat will focus on five key concepts for a healthier and happier life, including a therapeutic spa treatment and a daily evening session chanting and meditation. Each of the Aman resorts — Amanoi at Vinh Hy Bay, Amanpuri in Phuket, Amansara in Siem Reap, and Amantaka in the UNESCO-protected Buddhist centre of Luang Prabang — feature exquisite and distinctive culture and cuisine, of which you’ll also get to experience during your stay. 


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Como Surf and Wellness retreat

In taking female empowerment to the next level, Como Uma Canggu and Como Shambhala Estate have teamed up with professional surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons, for their first ever all-women surfing and wellness retreat. 

The eight-day affair from 2 — 9 November will be split between the two properties, and will start at the beachside Canggu resort where Fitzgibbons will run surfing classes for all levels for proficiencies. The four-night stay at the Shambhala Estate after is designed for transformation and rediscovery, and will include Pranayama sessions, therapeutic massages, and yoga and Pilates classes. Expect to take in Bali’s diverse sights with sunrise hikes up the famous Mount Batur too. 


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Webarre Maldives Retreat 2019

Held from 17 — 20 October at the Grand Park Kodhipparu, WeBarre takes their classes right next to the cerulean waters and pristine beaches of the Maldives. The exclusive getaway will be led by co-founders Anabel and Linda, both of whom designed this trip as an intimate holiday experience for busy workaholics. 

Besides daily doses of the ballet-inspired workout, the retreat will also see curated healthy menus, a sunset yacht cruise and a stay in your very own private villa, so you’ll return with a glowing tan, brighter smile, and toner body. 


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Amatara Wellness Resort ‘Sleep Optimisation’ programme

Designed in collaboration with qualified sleep technicians (yes, its an actual profession) and neurologists, Amatara’s latest programme addresses sleep quality by combining western therapeutic techniques and natural treatment with an optimum diet plan and expert consultation. 

Besides a professional Polysomnography, Ayurvedic treatments and relaxing meditation sessions are part of the seven-night package, as are lavender sleep rituals and Indian head massages. Foods that over stimulate the nervous system here are religiously avoided here, as are screen time after sunset — all stellar sleeping habits that you can take home with you after for long-lasting benefits. 


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Song Saa Private Island Rejuvenate retreat

Being situated by Cambodia’s stunning coastline means that Song Sea offers more than spectacular views and fresh air. Of the three retreats available on the private island, Rejuvenate remains to be its most popular. The invigorating and detoxifying retreat combines nutrition, exercise and indulgent spa treatments to recalibrate your mind and introduce vitality back into your jaded systems. 

Typically a five-night programme, the retreat includes all the typical works: Special menu, massages, and yoga and meditation classes. However, activities such as stand-up paddle boarding and even a Khmer cooking class are in the mix for an experience like few others.  A longer seven-night retreat is available, and includes activities such as a guided hike across Koh Rong. 


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