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Tonal, the intelligent personal trainer is the future of fitness

We all have days where it’s just a chore to get off our butts and head to the gym. It’s either “too hot” or “raining too heavily”. However, your bikini body isn’t going to magically will itself into existence. Enter Tonal, an intelligent personal training system that sits right in the convenience of your home.

What sets Tonal apart from your typical home gym is its smart weightlifting system. The machine itself is a sleek, wall-mounted video screen with two adjustable arms at its side. Those arms act as digital weights, generating up to 90kgs of resistance with the use of an electromagnetic engine. Yes, this means no more clunky plates or dumbbells getting in your way.

Bench pressing at home? Say it ain’t so. (Photo: Tonal)

But it’s not just the hardware that makes Tonal so revolutionary. It has a built-in personal trainer that will take you through over 200 exercises, with eight coaches instructing you every step of the way. This takes online coaching to a whole new level.

As you fire up your Tonal for the first time, you will run through a fitness assessment to measure your strength and set the goals you want to achieve. Then as you’re working through the exercises, it adjusts the weights automatically for you. As you progress and get stronger over the weeks, Tonal will start switching up your exercises and increasing resistance. It can also sense when you’re having trouble and will reduce the weight accordingly, essentially acting like a spotter.

Tonal was developed by a team comprising former Apple, Nest, GoPro, and Fitbit employees, so you know it’s of a certain calibre. While they’re just rolling out the launch in San Francisco and the continental United States, the team expects more features to become available down the line. For example, a posture and technique corrector would be beneficial to avoid any injuries to your muscle groups.

Tonal would set you back USD$2,999 (S$4,000), with the smart accessories coming up to another USD$500 (S$680) and the monthly subscription for personal training at USD$49 per month (S$65). It’s a pricey investment when it comes down to fitness. But when you can lose weight or gain muscle in the comfort of your home, what other excuse do you have?


(All photos courtesy of Tonal)

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