Whether we subscribe to the healing properties of crystals or not, there is no getting around the fact that a growing number of people around the world do.

Thanks, in part, to dedicated accounts on social media flexing the beauty of these subterranean gemstones along with the wave of new age practises on the rise amongst millennials, the appeal of crystals has brought a sparkle to the collective eye like never before.

Apart from being used for feng shui purposes, crystals are also being used as accessories for meditation or mindful living, given that each crystal has touted properties to enhance a particular chakra or characteristic. For example, clear quartz amplifies the energy of the mind and harmonies all your chakras, obsidian clears bad energy, jade attracts luck and friendship, and so on. Fair enough if you don’t completely buy into this, one still can admit that crystals, especially clusters, are a great way to introduce colour or personality to space.

crystals shops in singapore
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Whatever your inclination, shopping for crystals is the most obvious way to fulfil it. There are a number of metaphysical supply stores (yes, it is a thing), as well as dedicated crystal stores in Singapore, both online and offline to help you get started.

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Here’s where to buy crystals in Singapore –

Crystals Qi New Age Healing

Qi New Age Healing is run by Lay Lee, a self-declared medium. The shop has a whole stream of items dedicated to new age needs, including crystal sets, and crystals both cut and raw. Bracelets are also available if that’s what you prefer. Order online, or visit their physical shop on Kandahar Street.

42 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198896
+65 9711 6843
Love for Crystals by Audrey's Wellness

Love for Crystals houses an expansive selection of crystal products in a variety of formats — raw, spheres, slives, terminated, shaped, polished and tumbled — for whatever use you may desire. All its products are procured from responsible sources from across the world, ranging from Tuscon to Brazil. You can order online or chose to visit their showroom, which is open on selected days.

228A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574360
+65 6451 3418
Secret Crystals SG

Secret Crystals is your one-stop portal for all your healing crystal needs. There is a particularly varied selection of pocket-sized stones in a variety of shapes, for those who want to carry your stone of choice around on the daily. While they do have a physical store, prices on their online channel are cheaper, so do take note if you’d like to shop here.

#04-27 The Adelphi, 1 Coleman St Singapore 179803
+65 8101 7466
Goddess Gems

Every Friday at 9.30pm, Goddess Gems will launch a selection of crystals for sale on its Instagram page, which we’ve linked below. The stones are lovingly curated, so there are some truly unique pieces available for sale on this digital platform. Check out the highlights on the Instagram page for what is still available if you can’t wait for Friday drops.

Sanctum of the Soul

Energy guide Sanctum of the Soul also doubles as a digital crystal store, with its listings regularly updated, starring both common and uncommon stones hewn in a variety of shapes. Custom crystal jewellery is also available, so contact the store to make bracelets according to the specifications you’d like.

Illa Nocte

Instagram crystal seller Illa Nocte sells an array of crystals that purr with witchy appeal. There are clear orders on how one should go about making purchases on Instagram, so follow those guidelines to lay claim to the stones you want. If you’d like to touch and feel the stones for yourself, Illa Nocte is also stocked at The Moon on Mosque Street.


Palm stones, crystal hearts and towers are a ubiquitous sight at Aloofafa. This Instagram crystal retailer is where you want to go for stones to decorate pockets of your home, from display cases to altars. Weekly drops happen every Sunday at 2pm, so be sure to follow if you want to get first dibs.


It’s one thing to own multiple crystals, it’s another to know how to harness its energies. Get your research started with this resourceful tome by Lisa Butterworth, which details over 60 minerals and all their properties alongside richly coloured photographs. It’s written for the beginner in mind and a wonderful addition to your growing crystal collection.

Get it here
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