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Tarot in Singapore is booming, so here’s where to get a reading

Tarot has a charged history that has long existed in the fringes of society.

Its origins as a card game in Europe circa the 15th-century has given way for the cards to be, and remain, an avenue for divination since the 18th-century. Since that shift, tarot cards have always coalesced with the mystic, the spiritual and the occult.

These days, tarot is part of the surge of new-age practices now popular amongst millennials. Crystals, full moon meditations, sage cleanses are alternative means to engage with their own wellbeing.

It is natural that the rise of tarot too, booms, as it can be where mindfulness, introspection and curiosity about the future meet in a deck of cards. As prolific as this movement is in the West, tarot in Singapore is a relatively new pursuit, emerging from the fringes to enter the mainstream via mediums like Instagram.

Obviously, tarot is not for everyone, especially if you’re a sceptic. If you’re not 100 percent sold to new age fanaticism, it takes a form of open-mindedness or interest in tarot to visit a teller in the first place, a pursuit that people who scoff at horoscopes cannot relate to. But for all of you locals who are intrigued by this phenomenon and want to give it a go, we’ve rounded up some places to engage with tarot in Singapore, from physical to digital readers.

Tarot Mamta

Mamatha Ramachandra is one of Singapore’s most established tarot readers, with nearly two decades years of experience under her belt. Her practise offers online, email or face-to-face readings at her Geylang studio, along with basic to advanced lessons for those learning how to read tarot themselves.

Prices for a reading start at S$60.

+65 9749 9287
Tarot on The Moon

We’ve spoken about our love for The Moon bookstore on Mosque Street and all it stands for, so here’s a note on the tarot services it offers. Resident reader Elaine offers clarity and introspection via face-to-face readings, ranging from 15 to 45 minutes. Readings are touted as easy-going as if it’s a conversation with a friend, enjoyed over a pot of tea from the bookstore’s café.

Prices start at S$25.


Kang Li Mineral Kingdom is a family business famed for offering geomancy and aura readings. One of the family members, Lin Yi Xin, has founded 7una7avenda, a fledgeling tarot and aura reader in North Bridge Road. Walk-ins are not welcome, so be sure to book an appointment, and read the website’s strict guidelines before visiting. Do take note that prices are friendlier if you get a referral.

Prices start at S$117 without a referral. 

777 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198745
Moonchild Rising

Budding tarot readers are legion on Carousell, unexpectedly. Moonchild Rising is one of them, offering virtual and physical tarot readings that span single-card pulls to hour-long sessions. Apart from tarot, Moonchild Rising also offers oracle reading and magick bath or tea blends.

Prices begin at S$5.

Misty's Tarot Readings

Have a question specific to love or your career? Then Misty’s Tarot Readings are for you. Her card pulls are specific, relating to common questions you may have about your relationship or work life. She can also pen a report for you to keep after the reading. Because her business is virtual, Misty’s Tarot Readings tend to be prompt, and you can expect same-day answers.

Prices start at S$10.

Lovelight SG

Fay is a local magick practitioner that offers tarot and oracle readings via booking on her Instagram. Whether it is quick insights or in-depth clarity you seek, her readings can be customised for your insightful needs, and are designed to help you improve yourself. She also has a Youtube channel that does general readings, albeit on a periodic basis.

Prices available upon contact.

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