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The feeling of being trapped in the rat race that is modern society isn’t an unfamiliar one, but if you’re looking for a way out, these boutique yoga studios in Singapore’s CBD are here to help.

All located within the busiest district on the island, these studios not only offer convenience, but also a much-needed respite from work — even if it’s just for an hour. The classes here also help you stretch out after a gruelling day at the desk. Pockets of mindfulness integrated within to also help re-centre your mind and soul again for better productivity the following day.
Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the fascinating world of yoga, or looking for a different experience altogether — think candlelit yoga – here are the best boutique yoga studios in Singapore‘s CBD to unwind at.

Veda Yoga
Veda Yoga

Inspired by the healing principles of Ayurveda and yoga, Veda Yoga’s holistic offering is designed specifically for those who struggle to keep up with wellness in their busy lifestyles.

Classes here aim to restore your body from the inside out; besides postures that open and stretch the body after long day at the desk, expect to also practise mindfulness during your time there. The Veda Air & Space and Veda Restorative classes are both popular if you’re seeking some downtime, but higher intensity classes — such as the Veda Fire —are available to power you through the rest of your day.

The Yoga School
The Yoga School

Given its location on the 39th floor of the towering OCBC Centre, The Yoga School is better described as “a sanctuary in the sky”. Besides breathtaking sights and a plush environment, expect classes that focus on the eight limbs of yoga.

The Kundalini Yoga class is perfect for restoring balance within thanks to the incorporation of kriyas – a non-religious practice that includes poses, breathing techniques, meditation, mantra and chanting. Pilates reformer classes are also available if you’re seeking variety in your practice.

Yoga Movement
Yoga Movement

It’s easy to see why Yoga Movement is one of the most popular brand of boutique yoga studios in Singapore. With four locations islandwide, it’s one of the most convenient options for office-goers looking for a well-appointed space to nail their poses.

The Tanjong Pagar branch continues the brand’s signature aesthetics with hipster-meets-minimalist furnishings, with classes that range from the usual basics to higher intensity options such as HIIT Yoga and Monster Hot.

Freedom Yoga
Freedom Yoga

With two branches within the business district here, Freedom Yoga is a convenient break away from the bustle of city life with its tranquil spaces. The Cecil Street studio, in particular, makes the cut for being a sun-drenched sanctuary in the CBD. 

Here, classes are available throughout the day depending on your needs; the usual classes are offered here, but hit up sessions such as the Yin & Yoga Nidra (a “yogic sleep” class), and Candlelight Flow ( a soothing candlelit class that resets the nervous system) to switch up your routine. 

The Yoga Mandala
The Yoga Mandala

The Yoga Mandala knows a thing or two about creating tranquil escapes from work. Located at the trendy Telok Ayer strip, the studio offers a comprehensive list of classes that focus on rejuvenating the mind, body, and soul. 

Led by a team of enthusiastic yoga gurus, the studio offers the practice of asana, pranayama, dharana and dhyana, and classes are offered in both English and Chinese to be more inclusive. Cardioga — a cardio and yoga class — is particularly effective in torching the calories while nailing arm balance and inversions, while the popular Hatha Flow helps with alignment and strength building. 

These are the best boutique yoga studios in Singapore’s CBD to unwind at

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