We’re approaching the middle of 2019, and the term “smart home” has been overused and abused. Perhaps the novelty of not having to lift a finger (read: get out of bed) to switch off the lights, or screaming at your Alexa-powered speaker to skip to the next song from the shower, has worn off.

Yet, we still stand by this fact: the smart home isn’t going anywhere.

Even more brands and tech giants are riding on the futuristic home wave, launching more products that will make consumers’ lives even easier. Tired after a long day at work? Leave the cleaning to your AI-powered vacuum robot. Have your hands full whipping up dinner for the family? Your ever-efficient personal assistant (we really mean Siri) will type a text to your husband for you.

In this fast paced world, being productive has been made easier than ever. Here are the new tech launches to snag for your smart home, pronto.