Into its 48th edition, Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland launches today at Messe Basel. Visitors can expect to peruse works spanning paintings, installations, sculptures and videos from 291 galleries from around the world. These artworks range from early 20th century creations to contemporary masterpieces, and are divided into categories such as Galleries (modern and contemporary works including drawings, prints and digital art), Edition (which focuses on prints and limited edition works), and Statements (a showcase of young galleries and emerging artists).

Preceding the official opening of Art Basel was the second edition of Parcours, a presentation of site-specific sculptures and performances by renowned artists the likes of Ai Weiwei, Reza Aramesh and Katinka Bock. It started on 12 June and takes place across Basel’s historical Münsterplatz square. Another highlight of the annual exhibition is Conversations, which began yesterday and is essentially a series of talks conducted by international artists, gallerists, collectors, art historians and curators.

Evidently, there’s so much to see and do at the ongoing Art Basel, which closes 18 June. But if you can’t afford the time for a short trip to the iconic art fair, we’ve rounded up 8 of its standout artworks for you to view here. From a reconstructed tree installation made using wood fragments and branches, to a sculpture that visitors are encouraged to touch, these masterpieces are truly sights to behold.