If the US has to pinpoint their equivalent of a Renaissance period in their art history, it would’ve been in the 1980s. Social issues and an increasingly vocal audience of the time was fodder for rebellious minds. In that period, artists dared to push boundaries and forged their own paths in the pursuit of art. Thus came the leaders and forefathers of American modern art.

As the renowned Opera Gallery celebrates its 25th anniversary, it pays homage to America’s revolutionary minds in its latest exhibition ‘American Icons’. With more than just controversial aesthetics in their game, artists of the time demanded attention to taboo subjects, accessibility and new philosophies. These artists, the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, are masters of art in their own right. Here, we take a look at enduring legacies behind some of these gargantuan figures in Opera Gallery’s upcoming exhibition on 25th April.