From Andy Warhol’s iconic silkscreen paintings of couturier Yves Saint Laurent, to Salvador Dalí‘s collaborations with Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli, art and fashion have long shared an enduring relationship. In fact, fashion can be easily considered an art form in itself, as the process of designing a product — be it apparel, shoes or jewellery — typically requires meticulous preparation in the form of sketches and renderings, and elaborate details such as braiding, printing or painting.

Some of the world’s biggest fashion houses the likes of Jimmy Choo, Fendi, Coach and Nicholas Kirkwood have even roped in artists to offer creative input for seasonal collections, or to jazz up new store interiors. Dior even recently released a new range of Lady Dior bags emblazoned with colourful designs by seven American and British artists including Marc Quinn, Chris Martin and Ian Davenport.

If that’s not enough evidence of how intertwined the realms of art and couture have become, a number of fashion brands have even organised art exhibitions. Mostly held in museums, spaces or stores owned by the labels, these shows run the gamut from photography to contemporary art and sculpture. Here are five of such art-fashion mashups around the world, that are worth stopping by.

(Main photo credit: Burberry; Featured photo credit: Loewe)