To the layman, putting together some flowers may look easy. In reality, flower arrangement is a complicated art form. Every arrangement, whether a bouquet or a centrepiece, requires a keen eye and the understanding of balance, light and colour. Once you get hold of the basics, the whole process becomes soothing and therapeutic, and you will find it exciting to try new arrangements with different flowers.

Besides picking up new skills, a beautiful flower arrangement never fails to grab attention when guests come over. We’re not talking about cheesy versions with teddy bears and chocolate hazelnut balls wrapped in gold foil here, but genuinely sharing a piece of art of your own creation. Whether you’re looking to learn more about floral artistry or try out a new hobby of your own, here are the finest flower arrangement boutiques in Singapore for all your needs.

Yamano Florist & Ikebana School

Ikebana is the Japanese art of floral arrangement, loosely translated as “making flowers alive”. The objective is to bring out the inner qualities of flowers, branches and leaves and express emotion. Yamano Florist & Ikebana School in Singapore offers workshops that share this ancient art with students while giving them insight into a piece of Japanese history. For the full experience, the studio offers a Ikebana course comprising of six lessons.

Poppy Floral Studio

Conventional and uniform blooms? Don’t expect to find that at Poppy Floral Studio. Ex-advertising executive and founder Sarah Lim prides herself in creating a vibrant mix of flowers that look like they are “dancing”. Students of the studio are coached and encouraged to grow their art, and classes range from foundation courses to intensive floral artistry. The goal? “Progression, not perfection”.

Dawn Q

Dawn Q hosts more than regular floral arrangement workshops, the studio offers specialist skillsets for those looking to build careers in floral artistry. Their Wedding Floral Intensive Workshop is an eight-lesson program that teaches everything you need to know about blooms for weddings, from three different bouquet types to boutonnieres to table arrangements and even floral arches.

Ask a French Flowers

French-Indonesian florist Aude Giraud takes inspiration from wild nature and classic still-life paintings. Her bouquets lean towards a rustic yet elegant style, perfect for ladies who love a bit of personality in their blooms. She conducts her floral workshops in a home studio in quaint Tiong Bahru, which reminds her of the movie, In the Mood for Love , playing up serious romantic vibes.

Charlotte Puxley Flowers

Charlotte Puxley Flowers, a British-styled boutique, is an establishment like no other. Floral pieces here are created omakase-style — meaning to say they are unique to the flowers available on that day. The fresh blooms here are handpicked daily from a wholesaler. Students can choose from a range of intimate classes, including table garlands, hang-tie bouquets and vase arrangements. For those looking to learn the different arrangements in the iconic Charlotte Puxley style, they offer a four-lesson workshop program as well.

Jocelyn Tan
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