Dubai Design Week has become a permanent fixture on the city’s annual calendar, making its mark as UAE’s largest creative festival. The festival saw its fourth edition in November this year, hosting over 230 events and welcoming more than 60,000 design enthusiasts from the region.

This comes as no surprise, seeing how the Middle East’s interior design scene is booming and acting as a breeding ground for plenty of independent designers who merge contemporary design with elements of their heritage. The region is known to be the cradle of civilisation anyway, steeped in ancient culture and religion — much of which has survived to this day. Additionally, the Middle East is also where multiple influences meet to create colourful styles of art, architecture and interior decor; inspired from places like the souks of Morrocco to the deserts of Iran.

Some of the trends in Middle Eastern interior design include rich room colours with luxurious home furnishings, spiced up with handmade items and traditional decoration pattern — reflecting the richness of the culture and mystery of its ancient times.

Bring some Middle Eastern heritage into your home with some pieces by these interior designers you should add to your radar.