Tattoos are art on skin. While many would still prefer designs that bear significance and meaning, others would seek out skilled tattoo artists who can do more than just simple designs. From the imaginative to the detailed, serious to the quirky, we round up some of Singapore’s most imaginative tattoo artists.

Bernice Chua / @eatdiamonddust


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As a trained fashion designer and illustrator, Bernice Chua’s (@eatdiamonddust) venture into the tattoo world is seamless. Drafting detailed garment patterns and technical fashion drawings prepared her well to understand the intricacy and precision needed for the art form. Some of her popular work depicts abstract combination of florals, skulls and wildlife fusing light-handed strokes with an elaborate illustrative style.

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Jen Tan / @jenxtattoos


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The work of tattoo artist Jen Tan (@jenxtattoos) is an arty blend of lovable caricatures and sketchbook doodles with splashes of watercolour tones and fine lines. Her most prominent series features adorable little critters shaded in rainbow cheery pastel hues with huge pearly eyes. While customers come to Tan for the cute designs, she often gets requests for other illustrative work that showcases characters, plants, flowers and text designs.

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Lee Wai Leng / @fleecircus


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Illustrator Lee Wai Leng (@fleecircus) has turned to tattooing as another medium to express her creativity. By combining her flair for drawing with tattoo techniques, Lee has amassed a pool of returning customers with her delicate and fantastical designs. Despite having done a couple of floral designs, Lee is also ready to explore other tattoo ideas and concepts.

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Jared Asalli / @jared_asalli


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Jared Asalli went into the tattoo business right after graduating with a degree in advertising design where he developed and forged his own signature style of sketched, dotting and etching techniques. Asalli quickly rose through the ranks thanks to his attention to detail and design sense. He is known for his iconic geometrical artwork and his recurring customers often return to expand their collection of his designs.

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Khai / @khai_the_tattooer


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After a few years in the tattoo business, Khai decided to open his own tattoo studio, Iron Fist Tattoo in 2015. Since then the studio has grown to a seven man team. Khai remains as one of the few highly sought-after Singaporean tattoo artists because of his graphical rendering skills and impeccable tonal work. The consistency of his quality monochromatic designs has garnered the respect of his fans as well as his peers in the tattoo world.

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Jon Lim / @jonlimtattoos


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Jon Lim left his day job as an industrial designer to pursue being a tattoo artist. He quickly went on to develop a style which he coins “chaotic blackwork” which showcases raw spontaneous sketches, evoking a sense of movement. His work is bold, dynamic and energetic.

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