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When it comes to bookstores, my benchmarks are simple: I like big bookstores, itty bitty bookstores, inner-city bookstores, pretty bookstores, and above all, independent bookstores.

While you may or may not forgive me for that unnecessary Lizzo quip, it doesn’t change the fact that I am a serious fiend when it comes to books and the institutions that house them. Especially in Singapore, where I believe we could all benefit from knuckling down to read actual novels and not just Instagram captions, locally-owned bookstores stand like a bastion against the onslaught of digitalism and the overt e-literacy that trumps, well, actual literacy.

The Moon bookstore singapore
Since we’re all screwed by global warming anyway. (Photo credit: The Moon)

I treasure each and every local bookstore we have. They are all special enclaves to me, but one new entrant to the scene has stood out for just how “same same but different” its DNA is. This is The Moon, an enchanting independent bookstore in Chinatown that is all tomes and treats curated as a salve for our weary age.

The Moon bookstore singapore
The Moon’s upper floors are home to a reading room and an event space. (Photo credit: The Moon)

The Moon is a bookstore armed with a mission. A point is made to spotlight artists and authors of colour, as well as women, with half of the offerings on its shelves created by the demographic.

The Moon’s choice to place marginal voices at the fore is a microcosm for the direction literature and art as a whole is on right now. There’s no longer room for neutrality in writing. Apart from individual authors championing this cause, I give two thumbs up to any institution that broadcasts this important message to an audience.

the moon bookstore singapore
Highlighted novels sit at the front of the shop. (Photo credit: Beatrice Bowers/Lifestyle Asia)

This inclusivity extends beyond the books. The in-house café is friendly to an array of dietary needs, the brands stocked around the shop are all either local or socially conscious as well. Regular activities at The Moon frame the cosy floor as a safe social space for everyone that needs it — its queer book club, open to LGBTQIA+ women and non-binary folks, is one such event it holds monthly.

The Moon singapore
A peek at some of the shelves. (Photo credit: Beatrice Bowers/Lifestyle Asia)

Sharing space with its social awareness is The Moon’s penchant for spirituality. Not religion, but the kind of looking-within crafted for the Co-Star generation, enabled by crystals, an in-house tarot reader and full-moon meditation sessions. Before you scoff and close this tab, hear me out: you don’t have to sleep with a crystal under your pillow or live in a cloud of burnt sage to respect a place that encourages introspection.

the moon bookstore singapore
Crystals, salt lamps and books on spirituality are for sale. (Photo credit: Beatrice Bowers/Lifestyle Asia)

That is the beauty of The Moon, in my books (you will pardon this pun). Reading is an act both social and spiritual, and The Moon merely takes it to a literal dimension. In a city where we are constantly weary and all difference is quashed, The Moon is a necessary reminder that open arms exist between the pages of books, and in a bookstore in Chinatown.

The Moon
37 Mosque Street, Singapore 059515
Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
Beatrice Bowers writes about beauty, drinks, and other nice things. When not bound to her keyboard, she moonlights as a Niffler for novels and can be found en route to bankruptcy at your nearest bookstore. Don't tell her boss.