We’re done with Christmas, thank goodness, but it’s about to be the New Year. 2016 has been a year we don’t want to write home about, so with bated breath, we await the countdown ’til midnight. But before that, this week’s cheat sheet is all about the finer things to covet and indulge in during the New Year’s weekend. From tip top dishes to have at three of the island’s finest restaurants, a punch bowl recipe from award-winning bartender David Rios, castles to rent (or dream about) on Airbnb for your next vacation and more.

Here’s the Lifestyle Asia team wishing everyone a happy New Year. Have a good one, and drink responsibly.


new year food ottoman
Earth Oven Apple Stuffed Lamb Shoulder at The Ottoman Room

Thinking of what to stuff your belly with over the weekend? This edition of In Good Taste recommends bites from The Ottoman Room, Creamier and Iggy’s. Don’t worry, just add hitting the gym to your resolutions and assuage the guilt.


david rios
David Rios shows you how it’s done.

Fretful party-throwers, David Rios is here to the rescue. We spoke to 2013’s Diageo World Class Bartender about how to improve as a budding home bartender, and what makes the perfect New Year’s cocktail. There’s even a punch bowl recipe specially crafted for our readers.


new year castles to rent
If you’ve got about S$3,600 to spare, why not rent Castello Tancredi for a night?

Visiting a foreign castle is a luxury, but renting one for the night through Airbnb is a luxury few can (bear to) afford. If you’ve got a hankering to relive childhood fantasies though, here’s a list of castles you can rent around the world. Just don’t bank on anything being straight out of Disney.


new year car ford gt 2017
Va va voom.

Ford may be known for sturdy, all-American vehicles, but the 2017 Ford GT is in a league of its own. Find out all we love about this sexy beast here.

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new years gucci

Since Alessandro Michele took the creative lead, Gucci’s campaigns have been becoming more of an art. And this season, photographer Glen Luchford captured this amazing masterpiece and brought it to life. Bravo!

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