It’s been a strange couple of months this year. 

Since the coronavirus pandemic began to spread and develop across the globe, we hope you’re doing your civic duty by being socially responsible and not heading out too much — we all have a part to play in flattening the curve. That being said, holing yourself at home can be pretty boring. And we get that. 

Besides movies, workouts and learning new skills on your own, you’ve now moved on to finding new ways to interact with your friends. Skyping them and catching up on their day (“What’s new?” “Oh nothing much”) can get a little old. Thankfully with the prevalence of the Internet, connecting with others has never been easier. You may not be able to have fun on the couch with your best buds for game night but you can still continue to bond remotely as digital party games are on the up.

Social distancing? Not a problem. Here are some digital party games to play with your friends that are guaranteed to bring you and your clan together virtually.

Cards Against Humanity

Everyone’s favourite card game, Cards Against Humanity, has been made available online. If you’re unfamiliar with the setup, the game is quite simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. The online version isn’t quite as fun as playing it in real life, but to make it feel more a regular night in, set up a video chat with everyone in and you can chat while you play.

Play it here
Overcooked 2

One of Nintendo Switch’s most popular games, Overcooked 2, is available for remote online gameplay. It supports up to four players, and friends can search for and join a hosted game. Players take on the role of chefs in a kitchen, and they have to prepare the meals (which includes cooking, serving, cleaning) all whilst under a time limit. Although it is supposed to be cooperative gameplay, it often becomes chaotic, with players screaming at one another for not being fast enough or multitasking. If you don’t own a switch, you can always get play it on your computer via Steam.

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Dungeons and Dragons

Reality hits hard, but you can always get a dose of fantasy and adventure while playing Dungeons & Dragons. It is one of the most iconic role-playing games out there and a single session of can last anywhere between three hours to an entire day — making it perfect for anyone cooped up at home. The creators of the game made all dungeons, raids, and expansion packs available to everyone through the end of April, so there’s no better time than now to try your hand it.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing on your Nintendo Switch isn’t your regular multiplayer game. The game is a social simulation video game series that allows players to be whoever they want to be while creating, exploring and customising their own version of paradise. There are no set goals here: just good old virtual hangouts with friends and discovering the island’s secrets is its own reward, and the text chat function lets players easily communicate with one another seamlessly as well.

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Jackbox Party Pack

If you haven’t heard of the Jackbox Party Pack, it’s high time you try it out. Each pack comes with a series of party video games developed by Jackbox Games, and they are playable on any device: only one person needs to own the game copy, and everyone else can simply join the game room online. There are six party packs available, but we recommend the Party Pack 3 for Trivia Murder Party and Guesspionage. The games allow up to eight players to join, making it possible to have a bigger group of virtual players for game night.

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