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These tired times have sent us to suss out how the world has been coping with the onslaught of the pandemic, and one medium has witnessed increased curiosity towards its ability to offer slices of certainty amidst all that is uncertain now: tarot.

Whether you believe in cartomancy, astrology, or any facet of new age spirituality or not has little bearing on the lasting power of tarot. First used as a form of divination in the 1700s, the staple deck of 78 cards has seen a resurgence of late on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, as self-professed mediums and psychics gather to offer their services to the collective.

If tarot readers purport to divine messages that relate to your love landscape, career trials, past, present and a lot more in-between, we want to know whether the cards have anything to say about our life and times during the Coronavirus pandemic. For that, we’ve enlisted the help of local tarot reader, Tough Times Tarot.

The main question: what is the main message we can all glean from this pandemic? To answer, Tough Times Tarot draws a card for every single star sign and gleans what they have to say. We’ll let them and the cards speak hereon — and they have plenty to say.

Aries: 21 March to 20 April

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Three of Pentacles.

“The universe apologises for the fact that your birthday month is wrecked, dear Aries, by tasking you to seek fruit in passion projects. The Three of Pentacles calls for collaboration, and while you may not be able to surround yourself with people in person, touch base digitally with peers or people in your household that can help kindle the project. Think of the time you spend at home now as the ticket to cultivating something you never otherwise had the capacity to, and use this as a chance to connect. Consider it the birthday present you deserve.”

Taurus: 21 April to 20 May

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“Justice calls for you to make checks and balances, and to take time to question the causes and effects in your life. Examine your present state and see if how you’re living right now is in service of your best interests. There is little harm in coming to terms with actions that help invoke change that is necessary, even if these actions could seem harsh on the surface. Be honest with yourself. Prepare to take steps to be who you need to be, and to get what you want. You have the time.”

Gemini: 22 May to 21 June

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The Lovers.

“Gemini, the sign of duality, meets a card that is all about doubles. Except, The Lovers are in reverse. Something is off-kilter in the unions of your life. Disconnection and detachment could be more profound amidst the increasing isolation, along with some uncertainty about where your life may be headed, and who with, whether in the realm of work, friendship, home, or love. Be kind to the people who show you love. Pay the same attention to others as you expect them to with you. Balance can be restored if you remain accountable for your words and choices.”

Cancer: 22 June to 22 July

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Queen of Wands.

“So you’ve been cut off from people, Cancer. The going is tough since you might not have your broader circle of friends or loved ones to dote on, so turn that care inward. It’s time to organise your life, to take charge and nurture what is around you, and to harness your independence. Getting things on track can be as simple as dialling in with yourself and practising mindfulness, or overhauling anything from problematic behaviour (emotional erraticism, co-dependence, maybe?) to pet projects you’ve left to waste. Finally, you have the chance to check in with yourself, and you’ll find that investing in your own needs, rather than others’, is not scary at all.”

Leo: 23 July to 22 August

Five of Wands.

“Here comes the drama, Leo. Conflict seethes in your life right now, even if it may not be directly acknowledged. Systems you thought of as stable as being challenged, and while the conflict could be temporary, the root causes are not. Take this time alone to examine your ego and behaviour at work, at home, and with your community. Instead of putting on a facade or distracting yourself with people or vices, confront what is failing. This is a sign: address issues before they get worse, and you will grow radically.”

Virgo: 23 August to 23 September

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The Hanged One.

“The world shutting off has forced you to reckon with perspective, Virgo, and how some ways of seeing may not be in your own best interest. Matter of fact, what quantifies as your best interest? Have you reckoned with that? You’re being called to re-group and reconsider your ideals and values during this period. Be wary of limiting yourself by falling prey to overindulgence in the negative. This is only temporary, so don’t let the blood rush to your head and cloud you from seeing what has to be changed. Pause and think of what has to be lost. Stop being blind.”

Libra: 23 September to 22 October

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“Moderation beckons, Libra. Your sign’s sigil is a scale, but there are signs that you’ve neglected equanimity for a bit. No harm nor foul, nothing is wrong with giving yourself a little more time to pursue what or who you love or to dip your toes in distraction, but Temperance is here to remind you that now is the time to return to yourself. A sound mind and a rested heart can arise from this period of solitude if you will it. From affections to finances to leisure, it’s time to walk towards the middle ground now, and you’ll find that this is a newfound value that will last you long after this crisis has calmed.”

Scorpio: 23 October to 21 November

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Five of Pentacles.

“Material worries are of concern during these uncertain times. Not just finances, but lack, as a whole, is knocking at the corners of your mind. Feeling alone and like a victim of your circumstances does nothing but worsen the absences, Scorpio. The world is cold but you can find refuge and kindness if you only bothered to look. The hardship will end and you will recover from this loss. Reach out to others, especially those who are enduring the absences along with you. Loss breeds common humanity.”

Sagittarius: 22 November to 21 December

Queen of Pentacles.

“Keywords for Sagittauriuses: nurture and nature. This period is a grounding one for you as you retreat into your home, and with that, a deeper reckoning with the ebb and flow of what goes on within your four walls. It is important to discover sensibility and organisation throughout this stretch, in both your interior and exterior worlds. It may sound staid to enforce such earthly values to the fearless Sagi, but this is a calling card to apply your strong will towards something positive, rather than mere stubbornness. Call it character building.”

Capricorn: 22 December to 20 January

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Three of Wands.

“This is the time to move forward with confidence from what haunts you. You’ve turned your back on growth for the longest time, whether it is in character, or in your relations with others, or you’ve let your claws sink too deep into a past that is already dead and gone. Now, it is quiet. Now, there is little to do except to take the very first step forward into a new way of living. Take that step, and leave history in the dust. Better prospects are guaranteed.”

Aquarius: 21 January to 19 February

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Eight of Cups.

“You’re in a state of exhaustion, Aquarius, from circumstances that have seemed to abandon you. Be clear and realise that you are an active player in your own narrative. Instead of feeling left behind, be the one setting the pace for your own story. You are subject, not object. This is a journey of self-discovery if you’d only let it be.”

Pisces: 20 February to 20 March

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Eight of Wands.

“Swiftness is a virtue, Pisces. You are moving quickly, even at a time that does not permit speed, but haste should never co-exist with shortcuts. Excitement, momentum and being swept off your feet may no longer be sought in avenues familiar, but this does not signify that they are completely absent from your life if you put in the hard work. No compromises. Also, remember to keep obsessions in check at a time where it may do little good to your mental wellbeing. Keep your head close to the ground.”

All readings are for entertainment and guidance purposes only. Choosing to act or behave according to what is said is of your own volition.

Photos all credited to the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot.

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