Festive shopping is a stressful affair. As shoppers, we all try to believe that the gesture of a gift means more than the thing itself, but when you’re on the other end of the spectrum with a bad or mundane present in your hands, you know very well that isn’t true. People are materialistic, and we’d all prefer something practical or extravagant than another gimmicky mug to add to the army in the pantry. Sure, this generic category of gifts work are appropriate for some receipients (like that HR representative whose name you drew on Secret Santa), but for loved ones, you better believe they won’t be too happy with a faux trophy emblazoned with “World’s Best (insert title here)”.

Love has no monetary value, but it acquires a price tag during Christmas. Should you want to go all out to make a statement to quantify just how much you care, then we’ve compiled a list of presents that are extravagant in the extreme to shop. If Gwenyth Paltrow can do it, so can we.