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This Mahjong Rubiks Cube by Chop Suey Club is for low-key addicts of the game

If you’re low-key addicted to mahjong, we’ve got just the remedy for you — and it works your brain too.

NYC-based contemporary Chinese design and art label Chop Suey Club has unveiled a Rubik’s cube that’s far from the colour-coded versions you grew up with. Instead, each block resembles a mahjong tile with its smooth ivory colour and gently rounded corners.

mahjong rubiks cube


The Mahjong Rubiks cube even sees slightly raised imprints just like your regular tiles to give you the same feel, which might be double the fun for those who can recognise tile characters just by its touch. After all, what could be a greater party trick than solving a Rubiks cube without even looking at it?

Since it was created by China in the 19th century, mahjong has become wildly popular across Asia as a game of strategy, skill, and luck. It’s since spawned variations with different playing styles and strategies depending on where you are in the world, whether its Japan, China, or Singapore.

mahjong rubiks cube

If you were looking for actual mahjong tiles are are stylish and cultural appropriation-free instead, read here.

The Mahjong Rubiks Cube will retail at Chop Suey Club’s website for US$12 (approx. S$16).

(All images: Chop Suey Club)

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