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Weekly Horoscope: A tarot reading of April 11 – April 17, 2022

The Tarot is the mirror of our soul. Each card reflects what’s not only going on within us but also, symbolises our divine connection to the forces of the Universe – those which we can see and those which we cannot. The images printed on the cards are symbols that contain the keys to unravelling the mysteries of our existence. However, these images have a life of their own, and thus, they change whenever the cards are shuffled. Every shuffle infuses them with magic. Every shuffle infuses us with magic. And so it goes for April 2022 horoscope.

This is a powerful cosmic week, as the lunar nodes of Rahu and Ketu (the north and south nodes of the moon) are shifting their sidereal signs, causing powerful and transformative moments not only on a global level, but also on a deeply personal level. To expect the unexpected is perhaps putting it mildly, however, there are powerful forces that are working behind the scenes to help us all through these massive changes. The stars have beautiful messages to help us navigate through the week that have been lovingly divined by the Tarot.

April 2022 Horoscope for all zodiac signs

Aries April 2022 Horoscope

Aries 2022 Horoscope

This is a week where you must take time out to relax, meet up with friends, and celebrate. For some of you, it may even mean having a big celebratory bash and party away till the wee hours of the morning (be safe and have a designated driver/Uber), while for others, it may even mean just catching up with a couple of friends you haven’t been able to make time for lately due to conflicting schedules. Some of you might even be doing both during the week – own it! After all, friends are important – they bring that special spark in life that makes it all the more bright. Besides, sometimes the best time can happen when friends get together, pop open a bottle of wine, and vent their hearts out! It’s cheaper than therapy!

In the realm of your professional life, networking is key in any profession – especially when it can help us rise up the corporate ladder. However, sometimes, people who aren’t in positions of power can also be quite instrumental in your rise. Hence, be friendly to all, whilst maintaining professional boundaries. A little kindness can truly go a long way.

In the realm of your personal life, yes, this week is all about having fun with your friends – however, more than that, it’s also a week where you may be able to mend bridges that could have possibly been burned a long while ago. Don’t be afraid to be the first to offer an olive branch. A genuine heartfelt apology can really be a powerful force of healing. Of course, remember, boundaries are important – so ensure that you don’t go overboard.

Taurus April 2022 Horoscope

Taurus December 2021

If life is a journey, we need to decide whether we’re just a passenger along for the ride or the ones stirring the wheel. Both play a valid role – and sometimes, depending on the circumstances – we have to switch roles. However, more often than not – life doesn’t come with a map. This is why, when we take the wheel, we have to really learn to trust our instincts and intuitive abilities – yes, even the most practical of us have a powerful intuitive centre, we just need to learn how to tap into it. When we are the passenger, we need to not only completely trust those steering the wheel, but we need to be good travel mates and give them our support and love – even tough love when needed. However, if the ride is taking dangerous routes, don’t be afraid to take over or get off and get into another car.

In the realm of your professional life, be vigilant with your responsibilities. The areas that you are in charge of, make sure your work is so immaculate that not only can no one find even the slightest fault, but those under you are team players who are trustworthy! Nourish those relationships, and ensure that your individual goals are in alignment with the collective goals of your subordinates, as well as, your superiors.

In the realm of your personal life, remember that trust is a powerful, yet incredibly fragile force. When trust is broken, more often than not, it’s very hard to repair. Cracks may fade with time, but they still remain visible to the discerning eye. Thus, ensure that at least on your end, you keep things ‘kosher’. That way, at least your karmic slate remains clean, allowing you to navigate through life all the more smoothly.

Gemini April 2022 Horoscope

Gemini horoscope for 2022

This is a week where it’s oh so important that you do not try to shirk your responsibilities. You’ll be surprised how it may come back to bite you – and no, not in a fun way! The temptation to ‘bend the rules’ may be high, however, it’s important to remember that all temptations come with ‘karmic boobytraps’ whose consequences can be felt immediately and/or later on. White lies also have a tendency to snowball out of proportion, and it may take a lot more than a twinkly smile to get away with things. Also, when someone is doing something unethical, do not be afraid to call them out on it! Keeping silent and letting things slide will even get you into trouble – even if you didn’t directly do anything. Honesty truly is the best policy this week. Abide by it!

In the realm of your professional life, it’s so important to keep things ‘kosher’. At the same time, be cautious when it comes to ‘reading the fine print’. Even verbal agreements can be put under scrutiny. If important deals are to be signed, it would be best to take all the time you need to go over the details before committing yourself completely. Caution is key, and it’s important that no one is able to take advantage of you in any capacity.

In the realm of your personal life, this is a week where it’s so important to ‘come clean’ to your loved ones. Even if it’s something minor, own up to it. If done from a place of love and honesty, you’ll be surprised how forgiving people who truly love us can be. Also, it’s so important you make space for those you care about to express things they’ve kept from you. When they do – remember not to react from a place of aggression. Just being a good listener will be an illuminating experience.

Cancer April 2022 Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope for 2022

Sometimes, we just need to be present in the moment. Yes, that can be really hard, especially when times ahead are uncertain, and times that have passed haunt us. It can be quite the tricky balancing act to be between the past and the future, however, the key is to remember to breathe. When we allow ourselves to breathe, not only can we process what is happening at the present, but we attain a greater clarity of the past, as well as, where we are headed – without being clouded and gaslighted by illusive forces around and within us. For some of us, it may be beneficial to adopt a breath-work based meditative practice. If nothing else, it may bring the inner alchemical connect of our mind, body, and soul into a harmonious alignment – enabling us to enjoy the present.

In the realm of your professional life, it’s important that we remember that patience is key! Every problem – no matter how dire or complicated – has a simple solution where all parties involved can not only benefit from its resolution, but it can also enable us all to grow collectively. It’s so important to maintain professional boundaries and remember that not everything is a personal attack.

In the realm of your personal life, remember that walking on eggshells is never a pleasant experience – for us, as well as, for those who love us. It’s so important to maintain a safe place without anything hitting below the belt. As important as it is to trust our hearts, it’s equally important to understand where others are coming from, as well as, their motivations. Allow them to reveal their intentions without the fear of being attacked, and make sure they’re able to do the same for you!

Leo April 2022 Horoscope

Leo Horoscope for 2022

This is a week where you need to proudly put on your crown, sit on your throne, and remind people who you are, and why they need to honour and respect you! Sometimes it’s important that we remind ourselves of our true glorious selves, because if we can’t see what makes us worthy of respect, how will others see it too? This isn’t the week to hold back – your voice is important, and deserves to be heard! However, it’s vital that we remember that a gentle purr can be as powerful as a mighty roar. Be mindful of the situation and the people involved in order to know which communicative style would work best. This way, not only is your natural authority is established but unnecessary complications are avoided!

In the professional realm, this is a powerful week to go full speed ahead and not look back. This is a powerful time to make great strides that may lead to great professional success. However, the key thing to remember is that success is never a solo effort, nor is it a linear one. Thus, be easy with yourself, as well as, acknowledge and express gratitude to those who have helped you along the way!

In the realm of your personal life, for those who are single, do not be afraid to put yourself out there. After all, how can anyone be dazzled by your natural effervescent self, if you’re locking yourself indoors? The sun only dazzles when it’s in the sky, shining brightly. For those in a relationship, it’s important that you acknowledge how special your partners are! It’s not easy to be with someone who sits on a throne. Make sure they know how much you value and appreciate them.

Virgo April 2022 Horoscope


Sometimes, it’s so important to press pause, and sit back and reflect. Doing so is essential in not only enabling us to process and heal the past but also gaining better clarity with regards to where we’re headed. Taking a time out doesn’t mean we’re shirking responsibilities. Au contraire, it just might be what we need in order to ‘clear out’ the anxiousness of our minds, and gain a firmer grip on ‘reality’. Being caught up in the exhaustive rush of life can rob us of the ability to see things for what they are, instead of being coloured by our skewered perception. Thus, do not feel guilty about taking a much-needed break from the chaos of life. It may just help you find operate from a place of peace and harmony.

In the professional realm, do not take on excessive responsibilities that may just end up looming over you like dangling daggers. When that happens, even though we’re perfectly capable of sorting things out, it may just lead to us burning out. Thus, do not feel guilty for saying ‘no’ to the unreasonable demands of others.

In the realm of your personal life, as important as it is to not go to bed without resolving a conflict, it’s equally vital to not react from a place of aggression and defensiveness. Remember, when it comes to matters of the heart, logic and practicality tend to fly out of the window. Emotions are what make us humans, yet it’s important to remember not to be enslaved by them. Balance is key!

Libra April 2022 Horoscope


This week will be quite the balancing act in more ways than one. Though at times it can be fun to juggle responsibilities, perhaps even thrilling to achieve deadlines in the nick of time – we must remember that doing this too often can be a draining experience – especially when we have to tip-toe around others. This is why, it’s so important to know what our limits are, and not be pressured into delivering more than is healthy for us. Saying ‘no’ to unreasonable demands could perhaps be the greatest act of self-love we can do for ourselves. It would be helpful if you can mindfully prioritise your responsibilities through advanced planning. A little preparation can truly go a long way – especially when life throws us unexpected curve balls.

In the professional realm, be firm when it comes to what it is you’re willing to put in. As much as you may think you can handle responsibilities, you need to draw a line so that others don’t take advantage of your willingness to go the extra mile. This way, at least people at work will respect you enough to not dump things on you that were never agreed upon in the first place.

In the realm of your personal life, it’s so important that mutual respect is maintained. Yes, going the distance for those we love is a noble act. However, if this isn’t being equally reciprocated, then it’s so easy for that love to spiral down towards toxic depths. Do not be afraid of communicating your needs and desires. At the same time, make it safe for others to express their truth without any judgment. Give and take is the name of the game.

Scorpio April 2022 Horoscope

Scorpio horoscopr for 2022

Spending time with our family can be quite an illuminating experience. They are our roots, and more often than not, our relationship with them is a reflection to our relationship with life itself! Life is a cycle, and every situation we are faced with is a reflection of similar situations we’ve experienced with our families. Thus, reflect and observe how we handled it in the past. Was it the best way? If yes, repeat that action. If no, then what can you do differently so that you may achieve a more empowering result. Wounds that our heart bears run deep. Our mind sometimes makes us block those memories in order to cope. Sometimes, revisiting them (with the help of a qualified professional), can not only help our hearts heal but also our relationships flourish lovingly.

In the professional realm, remember that sometimes, the people we work with become a part of our ‘professional family’. Figuring out your role in this ‘family’ can be quite powerful in not only helping us achieve collective goals but also making strong and empowering professional bonds. However, like all families, establishing boundaries is a must!

In the realm of your personal life, not to go too ‘Freudian’ with mommy and daddy issues, but the way we react with the men and the women in our lives is a reflection of how we react to our parents. When you notice a repeating pattern happening with lovers and friends, it would be wise to notice if there are similarities (no matter how faint) with patterns with our parents. Empathy goes a long way, but boundaries are a total must!

Sagittarius April 2022 Horoscope

Sagittarius November 2021 Horoscope

Sometimes, holding onto a staunch belief system can be debilitating in many ways. It makes us view life myopic, which not only prevents us from evolving, but it robs us of the ability to understand and empathise with others. More often than not, we delude ourselves into believing only one version of the ‘truth’, thus closing our hearts from actually establishing a loving relationship with our loved ones. Remember, there is more than one side to every story, and holding stubbornly to our point of view robs us of having a more enriching life. Yes, it can be scary to see things from a different point of view, but doing so can be quite a healing experience.

In the professional realm, always remember that not everything can go the way we want it to. There are others involved, and they play a vital role in the outcome of every situation. Rather than stubbornly wanting it your way or the highway, it would be wise to establish a harmonious middle ground without disrupting workplace peace. Win-win situations are very possible, provided we have an open mind and an open heart.

In the realm of your personal life, remember that people aren’t pets that we can tame to behave and feel based on our convenience. Everyone has their own complex inner world, and their different view of life is as valid and important as yours. Rather than imposing impossible expectations upon them, allow them the space to express themselves without any importance. Letting people just ‘be’, maybe the first step towards healing strained connections.

Capricorn April 2022 Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope for 2022

No battle is so dire that it has to be fought alone. No burden is so cumbersome that it cannot be shared. Yes, life has made you strong to take on anything and everything it throws at you. However, it doesn’t need to be a lonely journey. Asking for help will not make you weak. Please read that repeatedly till it makes an imprint within your consciousness. Know that there are many people who love you enough to not only fight by your side but will also be more than happy to ease your back and shoulders by all the things that are weighing you down. There’s no shame in even availing professional help if you need be – it is, after all, their job to give you the empathetic help that you need.

In the professional realm, it’s so important for you to remember that you don’t have to take any setback as a personal attack. Nor does it reflect a weakness of any kind. Not everyone is out to get you. Holding onto such a belief will only debilitate us from within, making it all the more difficult for us to reach our full potential. Remember, at the end of the day, no professional success is worth feeling drained out by. Ask for help.

In the realm of your personal life, you must remember that you are loved and cared about. Give them the chance to show you that they do, by opening your heart to them. Help them to understand all the battles that you are fighting on a daily basis. Even if all they can do is listen, that too can be a powerful healing experience, for not just you – but also for them. Part of being a human being is to remember that the heart is not a lonely island. It only grows when we can establish loving connections where we feel safe to express and listen.

Aquarius April 2022 Horoscope

Aquarius December 2021 Horoscope

‘The Universe’ is calling you to take action. Pay attention to that call through subtle signs and omens that come your way, as well as, through obvious ones that have been staring you in the face the whole time. This is not the time to sit back and passively watch the world go by. This is the time to spring into action and take decisive steps towards achieving your goals and objectives – personal, professional, and yes, spiritual ones. Taking charge is not an option – it is essential. It’s important to detach ourselves from the critical voices of naysayers, as well as, our own inner critics. Focusing on them will only hold you back from being the best that you can be. You’ve not worked so hard only to have your accomplishments thwarted by myopic negativity. You’re way stronger than that. Believe it!

In the professional realm, do not shy away from taking on things that are greater than what you’ve undertaken in the past. This could be your chance to not only prove your capabilities but also to establish your worthiness on a professional level. Do not be held back by a fear of failure. Success is yours to achieve, cherish, and celebrate!

In the realm of your personal life, it is so important that you remember that those we surround ourselves with play a vital role not just in our well-being, but also in shaping our view in life. Are these connections empowering us, or are they making us feel less of ourselves? Sometimes positivity can be toxic when it’s being used as a flimsy band-aid to heal a wound that runs deep. Sometimes the ones who aren’t afraid to get ‘messy’ with us, are the ones who may become our biggest supporters.

Pisces April 2022 Horoscope

Pisces 2022 Horoscope

Boundaries are not a bad thing. Establishing them enables us to not only protect a sacred part of our heart, mind, and soul, but it allows us to put our foot down whenever we feel violated in any way. Those who truly care for us will honour and respect our boundaries when we clearly establish them. Those who are incapable of doing so – even after repeatedly making them clear – well, you already know the answer regarding how they view and respect you. It’s not a bad thing to say ‘no’. Saying ‘no’ is a powerful and valid act of self-love. Giving in to every unreasonable whim and fancy will only drain us of the vital spark that makes us experience the beautiful joys of life.

In the professional realm, remember that you aren’t solely responsible for everything that doesn’t go the way it is planned, and neither should you feel guilty about it. However, playing the blame game doesn’t get us anywhere, nor will it help us attain future success. Be mindful of the tendency to spare those who aren’t worthy of it, and support those who truly deserve it. And once again, draw clear and strong boundaries.

In the realm of your personal life, it’s so important to understand that your needs are important and valid. Putting them on hold for others will only bring about a very skewered power imbalance, which may cause relationships to dwindle towards toxic spirals. One of the lessons we learn from establishing boundaries is how to love ourselves. After all, it’s only when we learn to love ourselves, that can we love and be loved by someone else.

Zorian Cross

Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. Also a certified ashtanga/vinyasa yoga instructor and a multi-award-winning theatre artiste, Cross’ 2019 TEDX Talk focused on how the transformative power of pain, when channelled through art, can make the world a better place. Follow him on Instagram: @ajnajog

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