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8 GE2020 infographics on Instagram we love

It’s election season again. 

This time of year may be a little daunting to new voters. What is gerrymandering? What are the differences between a GRC and an SMC? How many seats are there to be won? Why is voting for the right party in my constituency so important? What exactly are the parties fighting for? 

If you’ve never been that into politics and Singapore’s political landscape, it’s high time you get schooled. Singaporeans have a bad rap about their politically apathetic behaviour, but with technology revolutionising the way we learn and share information, an increasing number of citizens see the importance of being engaged in the political sphere. 

Information needs to be put out there, but who should we turn to? Print and state media, though not entirely restricted, is carefully laundered on our shores.

This GE2020, we’re turning to social media. With more millennial and Gen Z  voters heading to the ballot box this year, Instagram has become an incredible source of education and information. 

To help you along, we’ve rounded up some of these educational Instagram accounts you can follow this GE2020 to become a more informed voter. Read on for the full list.


IG infographics GE2020
(Image credit: Cape via Instagram)

Fronted by students from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Yale-NUS, Cape is a community and platform that seeks to foster active citizenry and facilitate accessible engagement for local civil society. Through addressing questions like “What is a supermajority and why does it matter?” they seek to raise critical consciousness Singaporeans and build capacity for political literacy and civic participation.

Follow Cape on Instagram here

SG Climate Rally 

IG infographics GE2020
(Image credit: SG Climate Rally via Instagram)

Climate change is one of the most defining issues of our time, and those interested in environmental policies should definitely check out SG Climate Rally’s Instagram account. For this General Election, they’ve put together a helpful scorecard on what each parties’ plans to combat climate change are. 

Follow SG Climate Rally on Instagram here

Our Grandfather Story 

IG infographics GE2020
(Image credit: Our Grandfather Story via Instagram)

Our Grandfather Story has always been known for creating content revolving local stories, people and places that have been overlooked in mainstream media. This GE2020, they’ve put together a digestible guide for the first-time voter, including information about timelines and hot topics to take note of.

Follow Our Grandfather Story on Instagram here.

Heckin’ Unicorn  

IG infographics GE2020
(Image credit: Heckin’ Unicorn via Instagram)

Heckin’ Unicorn is popular for their subtle LGBTQ+ accessories, creating understated ways the community (and allies) can to show off their pride in everyday situations. During this time, they’ve taken the liberty to create a simple infographic on how each party’s manifesto would impact the LGBTQ+ community. 

Follow Heckin’ Unicorn on Instagram here.


IG infographics GE2020
(Image credit: Sayoni via Instagram)

Apart from Heckin’ Unicorn, other accounts like Sayoni are also taking the time to educate voters on the impact the leaders in Parliament will have to create a more inclusive, safer space for the community. This includes a bubble graph that marks the changes in how LGBTQ issues are addressed in Parliament.

Follow Sayoni on Instagram here


IG infographics GE2020
(Image credit: Peony via Instagram)

Other first-time-voter guides include the one from Peony, a local fashion & culture zine. Apart from the guide, the page also touches on topics like the importance of voting in Singapore and why citizens still have to vote amidst a brewing pandemic. 

Follow Peony on Instagram here

Anngee Illustrates

IG infographics GE2020
(Image credit: Anngee Illustrates via Instagram)

Anngee Illustrates, owned by Singaporean illustrator Anngee, is best known for using her unique art style to unpack social issues. Members of Parliament (MP) are often seen as people who shake hands in the community during the election period and documenting them on social media, but their work is certainly much more than that. Head to Anngee’s Instagram for a simple summary of the types of MPs and what they do.  

Follow Anngee Illustrates on Instagram here.

New Naratif 

IG infographics GE2020
(Image credit: New Naratif via Instagram)

Led by historian and former Olympic athlete Thum Ping Tjin, New Naratif prides itself for being a “movement for democracy, freedom of expression, and freedom of information in Southeast Asia.” Here, find useful explainers that break down the meaning of abstract concepts, as well as informative reads on how Singapore’s elections operate.

Follow New Naratif on Instagram here

(Hero image credit: Anngee Illustrates)

8 GE2020 infographics on Instagram we love

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