Unless you’re a fan of The Kissing Booth, the world of film looks a little dull this year. You’re better off checking out the imaginary flicks dreamed up in “The Secret Room”, a new exhibition by Mojoko.

That’s the moniker of Steve Lawler, the multicultural, multimedia artist behind the cult favourite Kult Gallery. Known for remixing cultures old and new to create what he calls “trash pop” art, Mojoko once again brings his eye for the erratic to his latest installation at Siri House.

The Secret Room comprises over 20 new artworks inspired by 20th century cinema. Mojoko’s offerings are pieced together from Asian antiques and traditional paintings (the old) as well as his collection of comic book covers and B-movie posters (the newish).

One of the many unexpected results on display is the “The Golden Skull”. The artwork, originally an antique glass painting, transforms a serene scene of women playing checkers into one fit for a horror comic book cover. “The Twilight Zone” is another highlight, populating the landscape of a traditional Chinese shan shui painting with sci-fi elements. You can almost imagine what the film trailer looks like.

The rest of Mojoko’s The Secret Room exhibition is just as tongue-in-cheek, rife with easter eggs for pop culture vultures to spot. Besides framed paintings, his works are also presented on rosewood furniture, lanterns and ceramics, which would make for an even more intriguing viewing experience.

Mojoko's The Secret Room exhibition runs until the end of September. (Photo credit: Siri House)
Mojoko’s The Secret Room exhibition runs until the end of September. (Photo credit: Siri House)

The exhibition runs until the end of September, which gives you plenty of time to drop by Siri House in Dempsey. Admission is free, but like other local museums and galleries, Siri House’s Art Space can only allow five visitors at a time. Head to the Siri House website to plan your visit, and check out our list of other art exhibitions to add to your must-see list.


Header photo credit: Siri House

Pameyla Cambe
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