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S Club 7 might be bringing it all back with a reunion tour soon

We’ve never had a dream come true until the day S Club 7 announces their reunion, which will reportedly happen sometime soon. Here’s what we know so far about the British pop group’s rumoured comeback.

It was the year 2000. People were making a big deal about the turn of the millennium. Conspiracy theorists spouted stuff about the end of the world (we won’t hear this stuff again until 2012). The internet was barely a thing; YouTube definitely wasn’t, Netflix was still renting out DVDs and people still had Nokias that you could drop on the concrete sidewalk and it would be unscathed. Maybe it was even the sidewalk that broke.

It was also the time of pop groups and boy/girl bands, long before the advent of K-pop groups. Among these groups were seven British youngins who came on the scene and eventually became a hit worldwide. The group was called S Club 7, and if rumours are to be believed, they’re about to make a comeback.

There ain’t no reunion like an S Club 7 reunion

Jo, Tina, Rachel, Bradley, Paul, Jon, and Hannah make up the seven members of the pop group that released hits like “S Club Party”, “Bring It All Back”, “Reach”, and “Never Had a Dream Come True”. Their songs make up the nostalgic soundtrack of many millennials including myself who sings “Bring It All Back” at the top of my lungs while driving at least once a week (is that oversharing?).

The group found success in the very early part of the 2000’s, but Paul Cattermole’s departure in 2002 would eventually lead to the group disbanding in 2003. It wouldn’t be until 2015 until all seven reunited for a reunion tour. 

s club 7 reunion

It’s been a cool eight years since we last saw S Club 7 perform, but rumours have been going around that another reunion is just around the corner. According to the Daily Mail, former manager and creator of the group Simon Fuller, an industry icon who also managed the Spice Girls, called each individual member up to convince them to do a reunion and that it would only work if all members agreed. The Mail also reported that an announcement is expected “in the coming weeks”.

However, Jo O’Meara, who takes lead vocals on many of the group’s tracks, is recovering from surgeries after suffering a back injury, which may cause some delays. But hopefully, we’ll see all of S Club 7 back on stage so millennials can take their minds off their own aching backs and reminisce about the good ol’ days like a true incoming geriatric

S Club 7 might be bringing it all back with a reunion tour soon

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