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Lewis Hamilton’s net worth, F1 salary and all the luxury assets he owns

The world of Formula 1, at present, is standing witness to the rise of several young drivers, with Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez leading the pack. The former has taken the motorsport world by storm in the past couple of years. However, the age-old saying ‘Class is permanent’ never gets old, and by the looks of it, neither does Lewis Hamilton, who has been the greatest ambassador of the Formula 1 fraternity in the modern era. We take a look at his net worth and how the F1 wunderkind has achieved his immense salary, endorsements, and net worth throughout his career.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time – if not the greatest – Lewis Hamilton is the owner of several records in the motorsport world. The Briton’s most significant record will, undoubtedly, be the one he shares with former F1 driver Michael Schumacher for the highest number of World Drivers’ Championship titles. Other noteworthy records of the 38-year-old driver include the most career wins (103 races), most pole positions (104 races) and most podium finishes (195 races), among others.

Lewis Hamilton’s contribution to the world of motorsport is unparalleled. He is often considered responsible for furthering the global fan following of F1 by virtue of his exorbitant lifestyle as well as his environmental work and social activism. Time magazine named him in its list of 100 most influential people globally in 2020, and he was knighted in 2021 as a mark of tribute to his achievements both on and off the race track.

With F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023 on the horizon, we take a look at Lewis Hamilton’s impeccable net worth, salary, all the expensive luxury assets he owns, his brand deals and more.

Inside Lewis Hamilton’s net worth and Mercedes salary in 2023

Lewis Hamilton net worth
Picture Credits: Courtesy Instagram/@Lewis Hamilton

While there is no prize money on offer for winning individual Grand Prix races, F1 drivers are known to amass great wealth and make a fortune by virtue of their contracts with their respective constructor teams, making F1 one of the highest-paying sports in the world. Sure enough, the fact that a driver of Lewis Hamilton’s calibre ranks among the wealthiest sports personalities in the world comes as no surprise.

According to the latest report by Celebrity Net Worth, Lewis Hamilton, in 2023, enjoys an estimated net worth of a whopping USD 285 million. While a majority of his wealth comes from his contract with the England-based Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team, his varied investments and sponsorships have widely contributed to boosting his overall net worth.

What is Lewis Hamilton’s salary in 2023?

Lewis Hamilton net worth
Picture Credits: Courtesy Instagram/@Lewis Hamilton

According to a report by Forbes, Lewis Hamilton earns USD 55 million from his current contract with Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team. He is second only to Max Verstappen on the list of highest-paid F1 drivers of all time. For context, Verstappen earns a jaw-dropping USD 60 million from his contract with the Red Bull Racing team.

Forbes also named Hamilton in its list of The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes in 2023, where he sits in the 21st spot. Previously in 2020, Forbes had included the Briton in its list of The World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities (Hamilton was ranked 40th on that list).

Net worth of Lewis Hamilton: A look at his luxury assets

Lewis Hamilton is known for his luxury lifestyle that reeks of posterity and his glorious portfolio in terms of assets is just a reflection of the same. Here is a closer look at all the expensive luxury assets that the British F1 drivers own.

Lewis Hamilton’s real-estate properties

Lewis Hamilton net worth
Picture Credits: Courtesy Instagram/@Lewis Hamilton

According to several reports, the Briton is the proud owner of at least four luxurious homes, ranging from a penthouse to a mansion.

Lewis Hamilton’s primary residence is considered to be his apartment in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Like many F1 drivers, Hamilton too purchased a property in Monaco in 2010. Although not officially confirmed, it is largely believed that he resides in the exclusive Fontvieille district. If speculation is to be believed, the apartment in concern is a four-bedroom duplex with a view of the Mediterranean Sea in Fontvieille’s Seaside Plaza. The apartment is rumoured to be spread over 2,000 square feet and, according to reports, cost Hamilton around USD 37.5 million back in the day.

The British driver also has an affinity towards the US, particularly the east coast. To date, Lewis Hamilton has owned two properties in New York. In 2019, he spent a mammoth USD 40 million to acquire a penthouse in Manhattan which is a part of a condo project partly owned by National Football League legend Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen. The property is spread around 6,540 square feet and houses a swimming pool, a fitness centre, a squash court, a library and a wine cellar. It also offers a magnificent view of the Hudson River. His neighbours here include Academy-award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Notably, Lewis Hamilton also owned a penthouse in New York in the Tribeca Building which is home to several other celebrities including Justin Timberlake, Meg Ryan, Jake Gyllenhaal and Bella Hadid. Even though he bought the 8,900-square-foot penthouse in 2017 for a massive USD 43.9 million, Hamilton never lived in the house which had five bedrooms, six bathrooms and its own swimming pool. In December 2021, Lewis Hamilton reportedly sold his Tribeca Building property for around USD 50 million.

Despite owning multi-million-dollar properties across the globe, Lewis Hamilton found enough wealth and time to go back to his roots in England. In 2017, the Briton bought a unique six-bedroom detached villa in West London from the chief designer of Burberry, Christopher Bailey, and his husband Simon Woods. The property, which has four storeys and a garden spread over 200 feet, was built as early as 1860 by Samuel Johns. In addition, the house also has four reception rooms and two huge bathrooms. According to reports, Lewis Hamilton acquired the property for a sum of around USD 22.5 million. At present, the house’s estimated worth stands at USD 25 million.

Does Lewis Hamilton own a private jet?

Lewis Hamilton net worth
Picture Credits: Courtesy Facebook/@Lewis Hamilton

Being able to afford a private jet is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you are one of the wealthiest sports personalities in the world, you easily afford that luxury. Such was the case with Lewis Hamilton, who bought a Bombardier Challenger 605 in 2013 for a sum of USD 25 million.

The aircraft was capable of accommodating up to ten passengers and three crew members. Keeping in tandem with his luxury lifestyle, Hamilton ensured he had the greatest comfort on board. To that effect, the aircraft was equipped with a bathroom, a fully functional kitchen, a king-sized bed and high-speed Wi-Fi. The British driver used to travel to Grand Prix races on this aircraft.

However, in 2019, Lewis Hamilton parted with the iconic red aircraft for a meagre USD 8.9 million, as the Briton aimed to change his lifestyle to reduce his carbon footprint.

A peek into Lewis Hamilton’s garage: All the luxury cars he owns

Lewis Hamilton net worth
Picture Credits: Courtesy Instagram/@Lewis Hamilton

Like several other motorsports drivers, Lewis Hamilton is known for being a motorhead. He has several exclusive cars in his garage, the most notable of which is a McLaren P1 which the F1 driver received exclusively from the manufacturer. The automobile is worth USD 1.2 million.

Hamilton also owns a 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, which he bought for around USD 1.3 million, and a 1966 Shelby Cobra 427, which he acquired for approximately USD 4.8 million.

In addition, Lewis Hamilton has a Mercedes-AMG Project One car in his collection worth USD 2.4 million. The Briton also sports a couple of Ferrari LaFerraris and a Mini Cooper in his car collection, among other vehicles.

Some of Lewis Hamilton’s other investments

Lewis Hamilton net worth
Picture Credits: Courtesy Instagram/@Lewis Hamilton

Besides being a multi-millionaire, Lewis Hamilton has turned into an able entrepreneur over the course of his career. Time and again, he has ensured that his wealth is invested in meaningful ways.

Of late, the F1 driver has bought a stake in the National Football League (NFL) team Denver Broncos. He is now a part-owner of the Broncos and, according to rumours, has plans to increase his presence in several sporting leagues akin to the NFL.

Additionally, Lewis Hamilton owns a meat-free burger startup called Neat Burger. Keeping in line with the Briton’s vegan food habits, the joint specialises in vegan burgers. Hamilton also invested in a British drinks company called Green Drink alongside model Cindy Crawford.

Furthermore, Lewis Hamilton, alongside American singer Justin Timberlake, has invested in a vertical farming application called Bowery. The British F1 driver has also invested in a grocery delivery application named Zapp and has taken to his social media accounts time and again to promote the brand.

Lewis Hamilton’s Net Worth: Which brands does he endorse?

Being one of the most successful F1 drivers of all time, Lewis Hamilton acts like a magnet (a rather powerful one at that) when it comes to brand endorsements. Here’s a look at some of the major brands in his endorsement portfolio.


Lewis Hamilton net worth
Picture Credits: Courtesy Instagram/@Lewis Hamilton

After his contract with the McLaren construction team ended in 2012, Lewis Hamilton joined forces with Mercedes-Benz for a contract worth USD 40 million. Besides being a driver for their motorsport team, the contract also sees the Briton act as a brand ambassador for the German manufacturer’s car models. According to a report on Formula One’s official website, Lewis Hamilton’s contract was extended in 2023 for a couple of years, ensuring that the driver gets to take home USD 147 million annually for staying with Mercedes-Benz.

Tommy Hilfiger

Lewis Hamilton signed a deal with American apparel manufacturer Tommy Hilfiger in 2018 worth USD 5.2 million. The multi-year deal sees Hamilton sport the brand’s logo on his clothes when he participates in F1 races. In addition, the Briton partnered with Tommy Hilfiger to launch his own clothing line named TOMMYXLEWIS during the New York Fashion Week in 2018 alongside models Winnie Harlow and Hailey Baldwin.


Lewis Hamilton net worth
Picture Credits: Courtesy Instagram/@Lewis Hamilton

German athletic apparel and footwear manufacturer Puma signed a multi-year deal with Mercedes-Benz and Lewis Hamilton in 2019 worth USD 2.6 million. According to the terms of the contract, the F1 driver acts as a brand ambassador for the company and promotes its clothes.


American multinational company Qualcomm, renowned for manufacturing semiconductors, software and services related to wireless technology, signed an endorsement deal with Mercedes-Benz and Lewis Hamilton in 2016 for a fee of around USD 9.8 million. Besides Hamilton acting as its brand ambassador, Qualcomm also assists Mercedes-Benz’s race engineers in analysing data.

Lewis Hamilton previously had an endorsement deal with American audio equipment manufacturing company Bose Corporation which was worth USD 3.2 million dollars. Unfortunately, the contract ran out in 2022 and was not extended thereafter.

Is Lewis Hamilton involved with works of charity?


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A post shared by Lewis Hamilton (@lewishamilton)

In addition to being a multi-millionaire, Lewis Hamilton is known to be an ardent philanthropist. All of his charitable efforts have consolidated into a single entity known as the Mission 44 Foundation. A non-profit organisation, the aim of the foundation is to offer grants and donations for various causes, such as treating physical and mental disabilities, advancements in healthcare and eradicating poverty.

(Hero and featured image credit: @lewishamilton/Instagram)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– How much is Lewis Hamilton’s net worth in 2023? 
According to reports, Lewis Hamilton’s net worth, in 2023, stands at an estimated USD 285 million.

– How much does Lewis Hamilton earn annually? 
According to a report by Forbes, Lewis Hamilton earns USD 55 million annually from his contract with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team, and another USD 10 million annually from his endorsement deals.

– What is Lewis Hamilton’s F1 ranking? 
As of September 2023, Lewis Hamilton is ranked fourth on the list of Drivers’ Rankings.

Lewis Hamilton’s net worth, F1 salary and all the luxury assets he owns

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