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Q&A:  Lexi Thompson talks golf before HSBC Women’s Champions 2017

Lexi Thompson might only be 22, but she’s a huge force to be reckoned with in the world of golf. Born Alexis Thompson, the American professional golfer has impressive accolades that prove she’s not just a pretty face.

And she’s had a very, very busy childhood. While the rest of us were busy with hopscotch at age 12, she was the youngest golfer ever to qualify to play in the U.S. Women’s Open. Three years later in 2010, she turned professional and the following year, not only clinched the winning title at the Navistar LGPA classic, but also set a new record as the youngest-ever winner of an LGPA tournament.

In 2011, Thompson became the second-youngest winner of a Ladies European Tour event at the Dubai Ladies Masters and, at age 19, won her first major championship at the 2014 Kraft Nabisco Championship. To call her a golfing prodigy would be an understatement, so if you’re feeling like a major underachiever right now, we don’t blame you.

Lexi Thompson - HSBC Women's Champions 2017
The golf prodigy will take on some of the world’s best female golfers at the HSBC Women’s Champions 2017. (Photo credit: Lexi Thompson Instagram)

This year, all eyes will be on Thompson again as she battles it out with Ha Na Jang for the title at the HSBC Women’s Champions 2017. Last year, the South Korean shot a tournament-low 7-under 65 on Sunday, and eagled the 72nd hole to claim her second career LPGA title. Held at the New Tanjong Course at Sentosa Golf Club from 2 to 5 March 2017, the prestigious golfing event will test some of the world’s best female golfers such as Lydia Ko and Thompson with large sandbelt bunkers that are rarely seen in Asia.

The 18th green at the New Tanjong Course. Image: Sentosa Golf Club

We recently caught up with Thompson to find out what more about her passion for the sport, her exercise and beauty regime, and her favourite golf course in the world.

LifestyleAsia (LSA): How did you get into golf?

Lexi Thompson (LT): I started golfing when I was five years old. I lived on a golf course and my two older brothers played golf too, so it kind of just grew on me. I slowly started getting into it, and loved it.

LSA: What is your exercise regime like?

LT: Golf is a very long sport, about six to seven hours per session. I make sure to get in an hour of cardio every day, and I also do golf-specific training in Florida with my trainers. Golf requires a lot of lower body strength, and you need a lot of power from your core, so I do balance exercises and flexibility work with elastic bands.

Lexi Thompson - HSBC Women's Champions 2017
Lexi Thompson. (Photo credit: Lexi Thompson Instagram)

LSA: What is it about golf that you enjoy so much?

LT: I’m a very competitive person, so I enjoy the challenge on an individual sport. You can never be perfect, and it’s different every single day. I also love travelling around the world, and playing against the best.

LSA: How do you stay calm and focused for games like these? Do you have a ritual like most athletes do before a big competition?

LT: I always meditate before I head to the golf course, doing some breathing exercises to make sure my whole body is relaxed, and I’m mentally and physically ready. Other than that, I always listen to music on my iPod while warming up, just to make sure I’m focused and in the zone.

LSA: Is the industry any different for female golfers, as compared to male golfers? What are some of the struggles you’ve faced as a female golfer?

LT: I would say the main difference between men’s and women’s golf is obviously the power involved. Distance is also a huge factor. I believe that women’s golf has been growing drastically over the years I’ve been out here professionally, so I don’t think there’s really a challenge in being a female golfer. We’re just doing what we love, and we’re working hard to get tournaments and sponsorships.

Lexi Thompson - HSBC Women's Champions 2017
Thompson represented her country at the Rio Olympics last year. (Photo credit: Lexi Thompson Instagram)

LSA: What’s the next milestone you’d like to achieve in your career?

LT: I’d love to be in the Solheim Cup team and to represent my country whenever possible. My long term goal is to be in the Hall of Fame, and also to take part in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

LSA: Do you enjoy other sports besides golf?

LT: I love going to hockey games, especially to support the Florida Panthers.

Oakmont Country Club
Oakmont Country Club’s golf course in Oakmont, Pa. (Photo credit: USGA/John Mummert)

LSA: Which is your favourite golf course?

LT: Definitely Oakmont Country Club.

LSA: You’ve been crowned the Most Beautiful Women in Golf 2016 by What is your beauty regime like, and what type of look do you go for, when competing in a big event like the HSBC Women’s Champions?

LT: It’s very important to wear sunscreen out here, so I use Neutrogena’s sunscreen. It keeps your skin protected, especially in tropical countries such as Thailand and Singapore, where it’s very hot. I also use lightweight foundation makeup with the right minerals that won’t affect pores too much when it’s hot outside. Anything waterproof, I’ll wear.

Image: Lexi Thompson Instagram (@lexi)
Lexi Thompson was crowned Most Beautiful Woman 2016 by (Photo credit:

LSA: What’s your guilty pleasure?

LT: I love chocolates and my food. If I’m having a cheat meal, I’ll go for pizza or pasta, but I’m on such a strict diet right now, so I eat mainly protein and lots of vegetables. I have to watch what I eat, especially during training.

LSA: What do you like to do after a big tournament?

LT: I’ll take a day or two off, and then get back into training. I also work on certain aspects of my game that need improvement. I relax for longer periods of time if I have no tournaments for several weeks.

Lexi Thompson - HSBC Women's Champions 2017
Lexi Thompson has her eyes on the prize. (Lexi Thompson Instagram)

LSA: What are you looking forward to at this year’s HSBC Women’s Champions 2017?

LT: I’m looking forward to another amazing week here in Singapore. The tournament is well-run and it’s so beautiful here, plus there are some great fans here as well.

HSBC Women's Champions 2017
Find a large array of dining options at the HSBC Chillzone area.

Off the golf course

Away from the golf course, HSBC has lined up an array of fun activities, interactive games, live entertainment, and food and drinks options, so even non-golf fans will have a good time. In tandem with the event’s 10th anniversary, a six-hour music programme — headlined by South Korean singer Lee Joon Gi — will continue the excitement all through the night. He’ll be joined by local acts such as DJ Bounce Squad, Gentle Bones and Jack & Rai, as well as upcoming New York band, Third Story.

If you want to try your hand at some golfing action, the HSBC Neurogolf game will test your focusing skills as you control the swing of a golf club using only the power of the mind. Singapore Airlines will also give you a chance to win prizes with its World Map Putting Game.

Find out more about ticketing and the event at

Q&A:  Lexi Thompson talks golf before HSBC Women’s Champions 2017

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