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How to score KAWS’ latest Good Intentions Wooden Figure

Brian Donnelly might be busy with the opening of his “KAWS TOKYO FIRST” show at Tokyo’s Mori Art Center, but that hasn’t stopped him from pulling all the stops for fans.

If you guessed that those efforts came in the form of a highly sought-after, limited edition figure, you’re absolutely right. The only difference is the ‘Good Intentions’ collectible will retail (first hand, mind you) at US$15,200 (approx. S$20,500).

This little price hike comes courtesy of the fact that unlike his other vinyl toys, this one comes crafted in wood, each chiselled into the recognisable character by master woodworkers at Karimoku. If it looks familiar, it’s because it’s a smaller version of the colossal wooden sculpture that debuted in 2016 at KAWS’ Yorkshire Sculpture Park exhibit. 

Here, expect a mesmerising swirl of dark and light wooden shades that snake around the COMPANION and a smaller ‘child’, which peeks out from behind its leg shyly. Limited to 100 pieces, the 15.75-inch tall figure will hand-signed and numbered, with 20 artist’s proofs to go with. 

Want to add KAWS Good Intentions to your collection? Here’s how:

Subscribe to KAWS’ KAWSONE email list by 4 August, 12pm EST to submit your information for a chance to purchase a figure. Winners will receive a response email by 6 August, and will have three days to submit payment.

(Hero image credit: Kevin Kitching/Flickr)

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