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Say yes: 5 tips for a whimsical wedding

You’ve obsessively collected images on your Pinterest board for months now, and you think you’ve got the planning down pat. But now that you’re actually going to be walking down the aisle, you can’t help but freak out a little. An ethereal and whimsical wedding is every girl’s dream, but it’s a lot harder to accomplish than it looks.

Planning for your wedding can swing either way on the mood spectrum — either you have a lot of fun, or you turn into a stressed out Bridezilla. Want to arrive at your wedding in style while keeping to the theme? Not every car can do the job, which is why we’ve found the perfect solution for you.

Volkswagen Singapore’s wedding car rental programme will see a pristinely white Beetle or its open-top version take you to the reception hassle-free ,and at an affordable rate. This will leave you a bit more money to indulge in the wedding gown of your dreams, or the perfect photographer to immortalise your special moments.

We want you to enjoy the planning process as much as the big day itself, and so, to help with your whimsical wonderland-styled wedding, here’s a little guide to see you through.

The Venue: The White Rabbit

Situated in a beautifully restored Ebenezer chapel from the ‘30s is The White Rabbit. Helmed by head chef Benjamin Tan, the food is a carefully curated menu of modern European classics — an indulgence that could only be outshone by its delightfully quaint Alice in Wonderland-esque environment. Stained glass windows allow for sunlight to spill in, as up to 120 guests mingle inside and within the adjourning Rabbit Hole, an outdoor garden that’s well suited for solemnisations and after-parties.

(Photo: The White Rabbit)

The Car: Volkswagen Singapore wedding rental programme

You can’t have a whimsical wedding with any generic car, which is why Volkswagen Singapore has kindly solved the problem with its wedding car rental programme. Opt for the iconic Beetle or Beetle Cabriolet, both in ‘Pure White’ to match any styling theme and decoration for that special occasion. Each rental includes insurance for two drivers, and both cars have large doors that make it a cinch to go in and out of, even in a pouffy dress. If you’re headed straight for your honeymoon after the ceremony, the cars’ expansive boots will even accommodate all your suitcases, so that’s one thing less to fret about.

(Photo: Volkswagen Singapore)

The favours: Janice Wong chocolates

You’ll need wedding favours that are fun yet useful for the occasion, and what better way to achieve both, than with a box full of rainbow-hued chocolates? Armed with a passion for edible art, Janice Wong’s naturally a pro in this field, playing with a multitude of colours, textures and flavours for each of her creations. Her chocolate bonbons are a great example of this, each hand-painted and distinctly different from the next. You’d be hard-pressed to find something else that will put a smile on your guests’ faces like these do.

(Photo: Janice Wong Singapore)

The Photography: Clarence Aw & Alvelyn Alko

You’ll want to remember this special day for the rest of your lives, so only the best photographer will do. Keeping in line with your whimsical theme, choose photographers who are experts in capturing spontaneous moments between you and your better half. Some of the best names for the job include Clarence Aw, a prolific photographer with seven years of experience, and the highly affable Alvelyn Alko, who has shot campaigns for the likes of Adidas. The pair also work together to ensure your memories of the big day are immortalised in pictures.

(Photo: Clarence Aw)

The Dress: Elie Saab

Elie Saab usually closes his couture shows with one single decadent wedding gown. However, the design stalwart now has his very own namesake bridal collection, and it’s as we expected: Stunning. Deftly incorporating traditional styles and delicate details, the Lebanese designer’s creations are often light and dreamy. Together with generous lashings of lace, the entire 27-piece collection sets the mood for an ethereal wonderland-themed wedding. While he doesn’t have a standalone boutique here, Trinity Gallery at Raffles Hotel Arcade stocks his creations, together with other big names such as Monique Lhuillier and Oscar de la Renta.

(Photo: Elie Saab)

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