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State of Art: 5 Singapore exhibitions to visit

The last few years have seen tremendous growth in Singapore’s art scene, with the introduction of exhibitions such as Art Stage, Singapore Contemporary and Affordable Art Fair. And who can forget the fanfare that surrounded the opening of the National Gallery Singapore last year? Spanning 64,000 square metres, the museum is also the largest public showcase of modern art in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

And our little red dot continues to flourish as a cultural hub, with more international artists making their way here to display their work. Ranging from whimsical, life-sized installations to contemporary art pieces inspired by the British Empire, here are 5 exhibitions worth checking out.

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Chairs are transformed into works of art at this presentation by Australian artist Alex Seton. Inspired by the concepts of transformation and autonomy, he substitutes parts of antique and modern bentwood chairs with marble and digitally printed plastic items such as skulls and trees. Seton’s exhibition also references Pygmalion, a sculptor in Roman mythology who fell in love with a statue he created.

The exhibition ends 4 December, 2016.

Sullivan+Strumpf Singapore, 5 Lock Road, #01-06, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108933,  www.gillmanbarracks.com

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What is Not Visible is Not Invisible

This interactive exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore features over 30 art pieces and multimedia installations from the French Regional Collections of Contemporary Art (FRAC). Guests can look forward to Insta-worthy works such as Freak Star No. 2 (pictured), where torchlights have been strategically arranged so their light rays produce a star, and Repulse Bay — which depicts a beach that has been recreated indoors. The show is a parallel project of the ongoing Singapore Biennale.

The exhibition ends 19 February, 2017.

National Museum of Singapore, Exhibition Galleries, Basement, 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897, +65 6332 3659/5642, nationalmuseum.sg

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Artist and Empire: (En)countering Colonial Legacies

Held in collaboration with London’s Tate Britain museum, this ongoing exhibition at the National Gallery Singapore examines modern art from the perspective of former colonies in Southeast Asia, with a focus on Sir Stamford Raffles. The show features almost 200 works, which range from the 16th century to present day.

The exhibition ends 26 March, 2017.

Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery, City Hall Level 3, National Gallery Singapore, 1 St. Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178957, +65 6271 7000, www.nationalgallery.sg

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Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder

Marvel at over 150 original works by legendary Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher at this presentation at the ArtScience Museum. The exhibition spans prints, sketches of Italy’s landscape, and his iconic shapes and tessellation designs — which were created based on his mathematical research. Highlights include Sky and Water I (pictured), a fascinating 1938 woodcut work featuring birds that morph into fish.

The exhibition ends 26 February, 2017.

ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands, 6 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018974, +65 6688 8888www.marinabaysands.com

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Comprising abstract, painted squares of lacquerware, Chinese artist Su Xiaobai’s solo exhibition is inspired by the concept of a meditative state. Each artwork undergoes a tedious creation process, which entails Su’s adding colours to linen, polishing layers of lacquer and embellishing the piece with details such as creases and indentations. His showcase also marks the opening of Pearl Lam Galleries’ new Dempsey outlet.

The exhibition is from 24 November to 31 December, 2016.

Pearl Lam Galleries, 15 Dempsey Road, #01-08, Dempsey Hill, Singapore 249675, www.pearllam.com

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