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Singapore, this is your ultimate guide to whisky

Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once described whisky as “liquid sunshine,” and we are inclined to agree. That’s why we deemed fit to create Singapore’s ultimate guide to whisky.

Regardless if you are just starting out on your whisky journey or are more seasoned than a well-used barrel, we hope you find something useful in this guide. There are the basics including terminologies, brands to know, and the differences in the category. We show you how to drink it properly, and provide recipes to shake or stir your next whisky cocktail.

For those looking for more than just a dram, we talked to experts on how to invest in whisky. Then there’s a section where we muse on where the industry is heading to.

This guide is by no means exhaustive, but we like to think it covers most of the category. Sit down with a glass and join us as we drink up the liquid sunshine.

This is your ultimate guide to whiskies

Whisky basics

A beginner’s guide to vital whisky terminology

whisky terminology
Mortlach Distillery, Dufftown, Scotland. (Image credit: Diageo)

Here are the most important whisky terminologies to get acquainted with before your next tasting.

Whisky or whiskey: What’s the difference?


Whisky, or whiskey, is produced in various styles, each different from the other. But how do we spell ‘whiskey’ — with or without an ‘e’?

Your guide to learning the differences between whiskey, rye, and bourbon

Whisky or whiskey

Whisky connoisseurs take great pride in knowing what goes into their drams. Know the differences between whiskey, rye, bourbon, and scotch.

The only guide you need on how to read and understand whiskey labels

Whisky label
Image: Courtesy Ahtziri Lagarde/@ahtziri / Unsplash

From the distillery’s name to the age and type of barrel used, the whisky labels provide information about your golden dram.

Dr Jim Beveridge on the evolution and ceaseless potential of Scotch whisky

dr jim beveridge
Photo credit: Diageo

The scotch whisky icon tells us how the industry has evolved since 1495 and where it’s heading.

Here’s why you should be investing in whisky instead of drinking it

(Image credit: Vinicius “amnx” Amano)

An expert tells us why we should be saving that expensive bottle instead of opening it.

A glimpse into the world’s most valuable whisky collection, worth S$21.8 million

world record whisky collection
Photo credit: Viet Ngyuen Dinh Tuan

If you’re still not convinced on investing in whiskies, here’s a little inspiration from someone with the world’s most expensive whisky room.

8 tips you need to know before investing in whisky, according to an expert

Whisky Hotel London

Now that you decided to put some money into whisky, a professional offers some tips on what to look out for.

How to drink whisky

4 classic ways to drink whisky

Deb Lindsey / The Washington Post / Getty Images

Three simple ingredients — spirit, water, and ice — are all it takes for you to enjoy any whisky in four different ways.

How to pair whisky with Chinese food, according to an expert

pair whisky chinese food
(Image credit: Sean Molin / Moment / Getty Images)

Whisky can be ideal bedfellows with Chinese food too, and this expert shows us how to do that.

Whisky brands to know

10 best Asian whisky brands to know about

Japanese whiskey

From premium Japanese whiskies to smooth pours from India and Taiwan, check out these Asian whiskies brands that are high in demand.

15 stellar whiskies (and whiskeys) from Scotland, Japan, India and Australia


The great whiskies and whiskeys, from Scotland, Japan, India, and Australia, listed alphabetically, are all worthy of space on your bar cart.

Where to drink whisky

10 of the best whisky bars in Singapore

quaich bar whisky bars singapore

Singapore is chock-full of whisky bars, and here are some of our favourites.

9 best whisky delivery services in Singapore today

whisky delivery services singapore

When your home bar needs a restock, here’s a list of delivery services in Singapore that delivers good whiskies to your door.

The best whisky bars in Asia to enjoy a glass of Scotch (or two)

Whisky flows freely around the region too, as these bars in Asia demonstrate.

Whisky cocktail recipes

10 classic whiskey cocktail recipes to add an old-fashioned charm to your bar repertoire

Classic whiskey cocktail recipes

Recipes of some classic whisky cocktails that let the spirit shine.

How to make the perfect Old-Fashioned, and the best ingredients for it

(Image credit: Bon Vivant/Unsplash)

Simple yet wondrously complex, this guide will show you how to perfect the iconic Old-Fashioned cocktail.

You’ll love these whisky cocktails if you’re an Old Fashioned fan

cocktails like old fashioned
Photo credit: 123rf

Once you mastered the Old Fashioned, this guide will help you step up your whisky cocktail game.

Whisky is the secret to these top-notch ribs

It doesn’t only have to be for drinking, as this step-by-step guide shows you how to make delectable ribs with whisky.

The future of whisky

Eat your drink: The Glenlivet releases its Cocktail Capsule Collection in Singapore

glenlivet edible cocktails

The Speyside distillery redesigns its edible whisky cocktails for the general public. Think jelly shot, but sophisticated.

You can now barrel-age your own whiskey at Singapore distillery Compendium

chartered compendium
(Image credit: Compendium Spirits)

You can play Master Distiller with Compendium’s barrel ageing programme, which lets you customise your whiskey from distillation to bottling.

Could whisky aged in sakura wood be the next big drinks trend?


Suntory doubles down on its Japanese provenance with the first-ever whisky aged in cherry wood barrels.

American single malts are challenging a whiskey industry known for bourbon and rye

Westward Whiskey american single malt
Photo credit: Westward Whiskey

Long the domain of bourbon and rye, single malt is rising up to redefine what is means to be an American whiskey.

This startup might cut ageing whisky down from years to mere days

Whisky demands plenty of patience, but this company is fast-tracking the process that could save both time and money.

Introducing Glyph, the world’s first molecular “whiskey” made in a lab

glyph whisky

Then there’s this brand, which has made whiskey entirely in a lab. According to them, it tastes like the real thing.

Singapore, this is your ultimate guide to whisky

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