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Eat your drink: The Glenlivet releases its Cocktail Capsule Collection in Singapore

It’s the jelly shot turned sophisticated: almost three years since its initial debut, whisky company The Glenlivet launches four edible cocktails in Singapore that have been redesigned for the general public.

They’re calling it the Capsule Cocktail Collection, which packages four whisky drinks into ingestible spheres meant “to create an even smoother tasting experience.”

The Speyside distillery first released the product in 2019 at London Cocktail Week. Developed with London bar Tayer + Elementary, the first iteration came in bigger pouches that had the internet confusing them with laundry pods, and contained around 30 percent ABV per serving.

(Image credit: The Glenlivet)

For the redesign, The Glenlivet worked with Spanish food company to create a smaller portions made from seaweed. Each capsule contains about 7 millilitres of the cocktail and is around 20 percent ABV. Gone, too, is the resemblance to clothing detergent.

“We were truly overwhelmed by the reaction to The Glenlivet Cocktail Capsule Collection and had no idea how ready the world was for this new whisky drinking experience,” said Miriam Eceolaza, Global Marketing Director of The Glenlivet. “Since the first launch, we’ve seen demand flood in from all over the globe for us to take this exciting innovation one step further. We listened, we learned and we are excited to introduce the new and improved Cocktail Capsule Collection.”

Four flavours are now available: Paloma and The Last King, which are made from The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve non-age statement whisky. The Old Fashioned and Whisky Sour are based on The Glenlivet 12 Year Old. Each expression comes in a jar of 12 capsules and will last for around two weeks once opened.

(Image credit: The Glenlivet)

To consume it, just pop it against the roof of your mouth and the cocktail coats your entire palate. The Paloma feels summery, and The Last King offers notes of honey and canned pineapple. The Whisky Sour is punchy and bright, and the Old Fashioned – arguably the best out of the four – offers complex, bittersweet flavours of toast and caramel.

While the experience is fleeting – unlike sipping a cocktail over time – it’s a fun, novel experience. I gave a Paloma to a friend who doesn’t enjoy whisky-based drinks, and he liked it. The Glenlivet similarly hopes the capsules can convince the cocktail-shy.

“We want to open the world of cocktails up to more people, and to be inclusive as much as possible, said The Glenlivet Brand Ambassador Anna Mitchell. “It also challenges the perception of whisky as an old man’s drink. These capsules help break down barriers and make whisky more approachable.”

While The Glenlivet is the one of the biggest drinks companies to take on the edible cocktail market, bars have been offering them over the years. In 2018, Tippling Club introduced cocktail gummy bears to their menu. Last year, a chef and bartender in Melbourne created a five-course cocktail menu that included spiked marshmallows. Water-containing capsules were also used at the 2018 London Marathon, which gave them to runners as a way of reducing plastic waste.

The Glenlivet Cocktail Capsules will be available as a gift with purchase of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve or The Glenlivet 12 Year Old. Get them from Pernod Ricard Official Store on Shopee from 28 February 2022 onwards.

The Glenlivet is also holding four masterclasses at Set of Six on 18 and 19 February 2022 at S$50 per person. Each ticket includes 2 samples of The Glenlivet Single Malt, 2 Cocktail Capsules and food.

Make a reservation with Set of Six via their booking system and include in the notes that you want to reserve a space for the masterclass.

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Eat your drink: The Glenlivet releases its Cocktail Capsule Collection in Singapore

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