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12 Muslim-owned home bakeries to order your Hari Raya treats from

The Hari Raya celebrations beckon, making this the opportune time to order sweet treats from your favourite halal bakery in Singapore.

Though the festivities this year will once again, be very different from previous years, you can keep the convivial spirit of giving during Hari Raya alive by lending support to Muslim-owned home baking businesses who are working tirelessly through the fasting month to ensure all your kuih raya needs are met post-Ramadan.

Whether you crave traditional kuehs, cornflake crisps, or tapak kuda rolls filled with Nutella, there is a halal bakery in Singapore for you. We round up some of the best that offer the option for home delivery as well and are taking orders digitally for ease.

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Top 12 halal bakery delivery in Singapore and home bakers

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As its name implies, Ratu Lemper specialises in lemper, a steamed glutinous rice dish typically stuffed with meat. Apart from variations of that signature delight, the shop also sells homemade kuehs, including kueh ambon and the crowd favourite, ondeh ondeh. There is a minimum order of S$30, and delivery charges begin at S$8.

+65 98132450

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Local Muslim-owned business, Julie Bakes, is well-known for its layered cakes inspired by local confectioneries — her ondeh ondeh cake, which touts to be lower in fat, and her ooey-gooey Serawa durian cake are both specialities. The halal bakery also makes a whole menu of kuehs to order from, including kueh dadar and kueh kosui. There is a minimum order of S$25 for delivery, though the bakery has partnered with a host of other local businesses, so you can mix and match across the board in order to hit that quota.

+65 9647 9027

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Cornflake cookies are seriously addictive, which By Krisp is well aware of. The Instagram-based halal bakery has built its reputation on its golden cornflake cookies, and reviews swear a jar of these will keep you coming back for more. That aside, By Krisp also sells Nutella marble cake, a riff on tapak kuda. Keep an eye out for pre-orders on the Instagram page, as that is the main way the brand promotes its ordering windows.

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Halal cookie bakers, Basic Crumbs, sells bags of its signature treat in four key flavours: salted caramel, matcha, chocolate chip and macadamia. Extremely snackable and crisp, these bite-sized treats will keep you coming back for more. Though pre-orders for Hari Raya are on pause, you can still contact the brand via Whatsapp to see if they’ll be willing to slot you in for future orders.

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The halal Fluff Bakery built a name for itself on picture-perfect cupcakes, but there’s so much more to the name that’s ready to taunt your waistline. Hot favourites include its stuffed doughnuts — of which flavours like lemon cheesecake and 55 percent dark chocolate exist — chewy cookies and brownie squares which are all as moreish as they sound.

+65 8251 1353

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Basque burnt cheesecake is a valid Hari Raya treat, and Love4Bakes sets out to prove that. The home baker is all about cakes, and they have recently released a basque burnt cheesecake in both original and Nutella flavours. It is beyond indulgent, trust us.

Batter Halves is an Instagram store run by a stay-home dad. The baked goods are homely and delightfully sinful, with chewy chocolate brownies being its bestseller, and cookie pies coming in a close second. Batter Halves also proudly makes something known as cake bites, a hybrid between a cake and brownie, sold in flavours like Speculoos and pistachio. Delivery is free.

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Best known for its tapak kuda rolls, Qifee Bakery has since expanded its bestseller to include red velvet and pandan gula melaka flavours. To accompany the dense cakes, order yourself another one of Qifee Bakery’s hits, its cornflake meringues, that also come in flavours like pandan. Orders can be made via Instagram, and do enquire for delivery options as well when you reach out.

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Dubbed as the best Hari Raya kuehs in Singapore, Cik Fah’s is also one of the most extensive stores on this list. There is a snack for every persuasion, from buttery pineapple tarts to savoury spicy prawn rolls, all delivered in jars for convenient snacking. Cik Fah’s also makes their own spin on the classic Pocky snack, perfect for kids to munch on and keep busy. Free delivery is available for purchases above S$80.

+65 8530 1817

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Pound cakes are a serious Hari Raya highlight, and if you have no time to make your own, then Eat My Oven is where you ought to whiz to. The halal bakery makes a lush sugee cake that brims with buttery goodness, and a marbled option that marries chocolate and vanilla to light and airy heights. For those with more bite-sized inclinations, try their Nutella tartlets, sold in jars. Orders are taken in batches, so give them a follow on their social media pages to be the first to know when they open their books again.

Fitri Creations Halal Bakery is known for rows and rows of doughnut bombs, each generously stuffed with flavours such as Nutella, Milo Crunch and Red Velvet Nutella. You’ll be able to get these treats via delivery or pick-up, but if we were you, we’d go with the latter. There’s no particular reason at all, except you’ll be able to grab some shop-only specials like the new biscoff tarts.

(Image credit: @eatingwhiletravelling via Instagram)

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No prizes for guessing what Fudgies has to offer — it’s all in the name. The sea salt fudgy brownies are the Muslim-owned bakery’s most requested order, and for a good reason too. Each slice promises a beautifully moist bite, and customers come back time and time again for its perfect balance of sweet and salty flavour.

(Image credit: @ffffudgies via Instagram)

12 Muslim-owned home bakeries to order your Hari Raya treats from

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