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LSA Exclusive: Roger Federer debuts Moët & Chandon’s new video series “Through the eyes of…”

If you were wondering what Roger Federer and Moët & Chandon had in common, the answer is, in fact, a lot.

Both have become household names, both exude exceptional amounts of charisma and finesse, and both have been committed to becoming the best from day one. 

Which is why for Moët & Chandon’s first season of “Through the eyes of…,” it was only natural that the storied Champagne house opened its doors to the tennis champion for an unprecedented look at its inner workings. 

And so the Swiss player stepped foot into Epernay — home to the Maison since 1743 — for a chance to learn everything he’s ever wanted to know about Champagne, both the destination and the wine.

The result is a new series that’s at once breathtakingly cinematic — thanks to Eric Valli’s visionary direction — and delightfully candid, as Federer asks every burning question he’s always had. Valli, who’s also a renowned French photographer and Academy Award nominee, knew just how to use his mastery for nature photography to capture the lushness of Moët & Chandon’s vineyards, as well as the quiet beauty of its prized cellars. Of course, the artisans behind every bottle of champagne weren’t left out either. 

“The estate of Moët & Chandon was especially seductive to the camera and every detail, from the vineyards to the cellars, allowed me to capture the beauty of the region and the devotion of Moët & Chandon’s community to the art of champagne-making,” said Valli.

Here, you’ll see Federer strolling through the vineyards and running his fingers though the estate’s soil, learning about its unique terroir and commitment to biodiversity and sustainability in the process. Both have, after all, been priorities of the House since 2007, especially since the impact that climate change has on champagne production is undeniable. 

Behind-the-scenes: Roger Federer with Benoit Gouez in the cellars

Other highlights include his meeting with Cellar Master of Moët & Chandon Benoît Gouez, where he not only learns about the imperial heritage of the Maison’s signature champagne, but also resists the temptation of having a sip of some of the oldest vintages in the hallowed cellars. 

“This journey behind-the-scenes was one of the most authentic moments I have ever experienced in Champagne because I sensed the true passion of the people of Moët & Chandon, and that alone will make my next toast even more memorable,” said Federer of his journey.

Behind-the-scenes: Roger Federer getting a taste of champagne with Benoit Gouez

If you too, thoroughly enjoyed living through Federer’s Epernay adventure vicariously, you’ll be thrilled to know that Moët & Chandon will continue to invite other friends of the brand for future seasons of the “Through the eyes of…” series. This means that you can expect more personal encounters with the winemakers of the estate, more insights into its champagne’s heritage, and most importantly, the lengths that the house has gone to to present its winemaking savoir-faire to you, even halfway around the world. 

Watch the first episode of “Through the eyes of…” exclusively on Lifestyle Asia Singapore below before it debuts globally on 8 September 2021.

(All image credits: Eric Valli)

LSA Exclusive: Roger Federer debuts Moët & Chandon’s new video series “Through the eyes of…”

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