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Nespresso proves that size doesn’t matter with the new Vertuo Pop machine

If you, like us, rely on a good cup of coffee to operate as a functioning member of society every morning, then you’d know how important having a reliable coffee machine is. The only problem? Not everyone has the space for a full barista-approved set-up at home or in the office. For this very conundrum, Nespresso has created the Vertuo Pop, the latest coffee machine that amongst many things, proves that size doesn’t actually matter.

Despite being its most compact coffee machine yet, the Vertuo Pop is designed to be powerful and versatile, which means that you can enjoy four different styles of coffee – a short espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, or a large mug of coffee – without going to the cafe. 

Unlike many self-proclaimed baristas out there, it doesn’t brew your coffee blindly too; a specially programmed brewing system within identifies the barcode on each Vertuo capsule to ensure that every cup is tailor made to that very coffee blend, so you’ll get the most optimum aroma and crema that you know and love. 

To keep everyone happy and adequately caffeinated, 30 different coffee capsules have been added to the Vertuo Coffee range, which will surely please even the fussiest of coffee aficionados. This ranges from single origin coffee to blends that cover a wide range of flavour and aromatic profiles, each of which is, of course, served with a thick, velvety crema, which is easily the most impressive feature of the Nespresso machine. The revamped Barista Creations, which launches 3 May, will also see four new coffee flavours – Roasted Hazelnut, Sweet Vanilla, Golden Caramel, and Rich Chocolate – be added to the collection.

Nespresso vertuo pop coffee machine

And if the coffee fails to put a smile on your face, the colour of the Vertuo Pop machine will. It’s available in a sleek Liquorice Black for those hell bent on keeping to the monochromatic theme, but those who want to have a bit of fun will love the Spicy Red, Mango Yellow, or Aqua Mint options too. 

As always, don’t forget to keep the aluminium capsules when you’re done with your coffee. As part of its sustainable initiatives, Nespresso sends the used coffee grounds to organic farms like Sky Greens to be turned into compost for growing vegetables, while the infinitely recyclable aluminium is transformed into everyday objects like pens and bicycles. 

The Nespresso Vertuo Pop retails at S$249, and is available at all Nespresso boutiques and online here

Nespresso proves that size doesn’t matter with the new Vertuo Pop machine

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