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How Paneco became the largest online alcohol retail disruptor in the world

Online alcohol retailers are not an unfamiliar concept in Singapore. We used to solely rely on these digital delivery services to satisfy our demands when it came to parties, but the category has since evolved into an experience that people frequent to purchase bottles that aren’t as readily available on the market., operating in four continents, entered the Singapore market in 2017. Within two years, this company is already dominating other market players, burgeoning into one of the largest online alcohol retail disruptors in the world, and a preferred choice for many to get their fix.

The platform’s ascendancy is a calculated effort because the brand has a way of strategising alcohol retail unlike any other name in its category. When you shop on, you are getting thousands upon thousands of options rarely found elsewhere at a price point lower than any other retailer in the space. has the largest selection of single malts and whiskies as compared to others in their category around the world. It also stocks a gamut of gins, vodkas, other spirits, beers and wines from brands both known and excitingly obscure. Any enthusiast will appreciate how shopping on the website is also a journey of discovery.

Jonathan Cohen, CEO of Paneco.

The brand, fronted by CEO Jonathan Cohen, has managed to stay head and shoulders above the game for a number of reasons. shares the same ownership and is backed by Duty Free Americas (DFA) Group and its president, Leon Falic. DFA is one of the world’s largest alcohol retailers. also has invested greatly in technology and data to deliver customers what they want, based upon decades of experience in the sector.

The custom-made platform also includes a system that analyses data extensively to ensure that stocks exactly what the market demands, so you’ll rarely fall short of your needs when you visit. The interface also ensures that consumers who shop on the site have the same encounter that they would at a physical boutique, where special promotions, product education,  and fast checkout are all part of the package.

Another additional perk of shopping on is the various tiers of delivery it offers. Ordering before a set time gives you complimentary next day delivery, but faster demands like delivery within a two-hour window, or same-day are available for a fee.

To show you exactly why has completely disrupted the market, we’ve enlisted the help of Cohen and its CMO, Stephen Jacob, to highlight ten of the bottles you can find on the site and its mobile app that you’d be hard-pressed to score easily on other platforms. The next time you want to get your booze fix for a gathering, a dinner, or just to stock your home bar with, then this should convince you that is the answer. You can’t go wrong scouring its massive array of bottles, and the competitive prices just make shopping for liquor with them a lot sweeter.

1 /10

The Macallan Rare Cask

The Macallan Rare Cask has a name that is a testament to its personality. This flavourful whisky is made from a massive array of casks hand-selected from the Macallan Estate, each of them rare and will never be used again in another whisky from the distillery. What you get with the Rare Cask is the history of The Macallan, bottled, making it a worthy item any whisky collector would want on their shelves.

S$448. Available here.

2 /10

Beluga Allure Russian Vodka

Over the past year, consumers are shifting from mass vodka brands to more premium, refined or artisanal renditions of the crowd-pleasing spirit. On, one can find a wide variety of vodkas across all tiers, including upmarket brands like Beluga. The Allure rendition of Beluga vodka is made entirely with non-GM raw ingredients and filtered multiple times, which gives it a crisp quality that lends it well to being enjoyed neat, as the Russians do, with caviar on the side, if you will. The distillers also add a small dose of fig extract and maple syrup to this expression, giving it a sweetness that even the most ardent haters of vodka won’t be able to resist.

S$142. Available here.

3 /10

Glenfiddich Project XX

Glenfiddich’s Experimental Series has sought to redefine the parameters of whisky. Of the three expressions created as part of the initiative, Project XX was arguably its most ambitious. Composed of 20 different types of whiskies selected from 20 different casks from the distillery’s reserves, one gets a truly unique blend with this bottle.

S$148.50. Available here.

4 /10

Cragganmore 43 Year Old lauds itself as having the largest variety of whiskies, especially single malts on an online retail platform in Singapore, even worldwide. This means you can bag rare finds like the Cragganmore 43 Year Old, the oldest bottled single cask single malt from the original distiller with just 474 bottles available worldwide. To double down on the exclusivity, you can only purchase the bottle on, at S$2,445 less than the market rate.

S$5,555. Available here.

5 /10

Highland Park Einar

Highland Park is a distillery driven by the connection its site, Orkeny, has with Viking history. The Einar whisky is one of its expressions created in the brand’s Warrior series, which stands as a homage to that past. Each of them flaunts the influence of particular cask types on the liquid, and in the case of Einar, it is the pronounced vanilla notes of American oak and rich fruit notes of sherry-seasoned European oak casks that govern the sultry single malt. It’s a collector’s item for sure.

S$118. Available here.

6 /10

Martin Miller's Westbourne Dry Gin has a slew of whiskies in its armada, but that’s not all. The gin selection on the site is plentiful as well, with names that ardent gin lovers would be excited over as they’re not easy to find locally. One of these is Martin Miller’s Westbourne Dry Gin, voted World’s Best Gin by The Drinks Report in 2016. This peppery spirit is beloved for making martinis thanks to its dry, punchy profile, so if you’re a fan of that classic cocktail, this is one you’d want for your home bar.

S$79.50. Available here.

7 /10

John Walker & Sons King George V

Johnnie Walker has extended its range to celebrate the heritage of the brand with the King George V edition. Harkening back to when the brand received a royal warrant to be the main supplier of whiskies to the royal family of England in 1934, the golden liquid attempts to recreate how the whisky would’ve tasted then. To add to the exclusivity of this edition, the distiller has incorporated old grain whiskies from its reserves, alongside whisky from ghost distillery Port Ellen, and other rarities.

S$680. Available here.

8 /10

Plymouth Gin

Plymouth is known for producing its own particular style of gin that is drier than its siblings from London. Its namesake distillery has an earthy Original Gin that has a long legacy in the region and has become rather popular to use in cocktails like the citrusy gimlet because of its heft. So popular this was that the cocktail recipe book by the Savoy Hotel specifically named this expression to be used in its gin cocktails, so you know you’re getting top-shelf quality with this bottle.

S$64.50. Available here.

9 /10

Dalmore King Alexander III

The Dalmore King Alexander III is a whisky that draws from six different cask types to create the perfect blend. The Highland-based distillery drew from wine, madeira, sherry, marsala, bourbon and port casks to compose this sought-after, fruity whisky that is characteristic of the fine whisky house itself. It’s perfect for a gift or to share with the serious whisky fans in your life.

S$288. Available here.

10 /10

Tito's Handmade Vodka

Tito’s Handmade Vodka has become one of the most favoured vodkas used by bartenders thanks to its clean-tasting profile and craft background. Made from America’s oldest Texan distillery, Tito’s is definitely a vodka to have at home when you’re hosting parties because it’s a straight-up palate pleaser that begs to be used in cocktails. Your guests will appreciate the gesture.

S$66.90. Available here

How Paneco became the largest online alcohol retail disruptor in the world

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