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These tasty and healthy subscription meal plans will have you back on track

What’s on your plate for lunch or dinner? Perhaps the always dependable chicken rice, a more sinful burger and fries combo or a fruit smoothie to compensate the weekend’s indulgences.

For some of us working in the CBD, there’s a whole array of eats to look forward to and, as an added bonus: new restaurants mushroom up nearly every week of the month.

But if this year’s resolution is to be more mindful of what you eat, you’ll find a mass exodus of viable dining options. It’s hard to eat healthily. Clean eating is often denigrated as a monotonous mishmash of bland vegetables in a bowl, certainly not the most appetising of things to look forward to come lunch time. Plus, who has the time — or the self-discipline — to put together meal preps for the entire week?

Thankfully, an easy solution can be had by signing up for healthy meal plans. It’s all mapped out for wholesome success: a different, healthy meal or snack every day delivered to your doorstep at an appointed time. All your calories are accounted for. Pop it in the microwave, save yourself a world of trouble, and start eating well the easy, delicious way.

These are the best healthy tasty and healthy subscription meal plans that will get you right on track.

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AMGD isn’t an acronym for a new type of diet. Instead, it is an abbreviation for ‘ahh mah gawd’ — supposedly what you might feel after having one of their bento sets. The platform caters to a whole range of diets: whether it is keto-focused, stricter on calories, or packed with whole grains. Subscribers can also get the day going with their breakfast deliveries. AMGD works on a meal-pass subscription service, which allows flexibility on the number of meals to be had in a day or a week. Nutrition coaching is available as well for those who are looking to take a no-nonsense approach to their daily food intake.

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This online restaurant allows diners to order either a nutritious meal on demand (delivered to you as fast as 30 minutes), or have a whole plan curated for you for the whole week, depending on your dietary preferences. Meal boxes here often revolve around grains or pasta, a mix of local and Western-inspired dishes.

Dishes we found ourselves ordering time and again include the Moroccan Spiced Tamarind Barramundi and Sneaky Buttered Chicken Tikka, each made with techniques that ensures that the dish is as tasty and healthy as possible. Feeling more than a little peckish? Its scrumptious but less-sinful desserts include the Gooey Chocolate Oat Cake in a Mug.

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If you’re one to eat out for both lunch and dinner, this subscription platform will help keep your entire day’s calorie intake in check. YOLO offers two menus: the Lean Plan for weight loss and the Power Plan for strength and muscle building, available at five, 10 or 30-day periods.

Three meals are delivered each day: lunch, a mid-day snack and dinner. Additionally, the menus are also customised according to how active each individual may be, with lower calories for desk-bound workers or heartier options for those who work-out regularly.

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Here’s a gourmet option to consider. The meal-delivery concept, founded in France, offers typically rich French cuisine in healthier formats. My Cuistot has two different plans, the Healthy menu packed with nutrients for the day or the much stricter Healthy Diet menu, where each meal is under 450 calories and low-carb.

Diners can order up to six days worth of French-forward meals, customisable from a menu of over 30 dishes. Think rabbit done in a Normandy-style stew or risotto with fennel and shrimp. Best of all, its containers are all recyclable and biodegradable. Thumbs up for clean eating and a cleaner planet.

Taking precious lunch time to hit the gym? If you’re working out at these locations, you can also pick up a few lunch boxes from Fit Three. Go for omnitarian (a balanced mix of meat and vegetables), low-carb or vegetarian. Breakfast items like pancakes and omelettes are also available for early-risers. Besides swearing off non-GMO ingredients and additives, the kitchen is also adamant on using local and organic produce in dishes as much as possible. There’s also a partnership with Ufit gyms for consultations and personalised food programmes.

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Hawker food, whilst a big part of our national identity, isn’t always the best option if you’re counting calories. Yummy Bros is a local meal prep startup that wants to change this perception with healthier takes on your favourite local dishes like Nasi Lemak, Beef Rendang, or even Kung Pow chicken. Here, you’ll have full transparency to all your meals, especially since there’s an automated calorie counter (which reveals the calories, fats, carbs, protein and sodium content in every meal) to let you know if you’re on track or not. Every dish here — from soup and congee options to “brotein”-styed meals — is also nutritious and low in calories, so you can still eat your favourite local dishes without worrying about your health.

With the help of body composition experts and nutritionally-informed chefs, Nutrition Kitchen’s meal plans promise to be balanced and delicious. Boasting one of the most varied meal plans in Asia, the meal prep company offers dishes ranging from Baked Icelandic Halibut to Char Siu Roasted Pork Tenderloin and Braised Beef Rendang, so you’re not restricted to boring grain bowls throughout your fitness journey. You can also choose from meals based on your lifestyle; lower-calorie meals are available for less active individuals, whilst high-protein options are great for those who lead an active lifestyle. 

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Lean Bento

If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine but don’t have access to options that are tasty and well-rounded, Lean Bento has got you covered. Its bento sets are homely and nutritious, and come with customisable options such as grilled unagi, yakiniku, and for the vegetarians, vegan tofu balls. These protein choices can be had on Furikake rice or rice noodlees, and come accompanied by sides like lava eggs, edamame and jade seaweed. Choose the bundle and you’ll even get a protein dessert and a low-calorie fruit pack to go with your meal. 

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These tasty and healthy subscription meal plans will have you back on track

Jasmine Tay & Shatricia Nair

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