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30 best mooncakes in Singapore for Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

From the classic lotus paste to contemporary fillings of miso, cempedak, even gin, Singapore restaurants are getting wild with their mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival 2023.

The snack has come a long way since its origins centuries ago. It started out as a celebratory food during the Mid-Autumn Festival, where people across China would consume round pastries baked around a sweet or savoury filling.

Other time, certain styles became associated with different Chinese subgroups, such as the lotus paste or nuts in Cantonese mooncakes, and the flaky skin and yam paste popular among Teochews. Reportedly invented in Hong Kong during the late 20th century, snowskin mooncakes, which are not baked, have also become popular.

Due to migration, these three mooncake variants dominate in Singapore, not without local twists. For 2023, baked versions feature influences such as kueh lapis, Parma ham, mala-spiced nuts, tea blends, and bak kwa. But the fun really begins with snowskin mooncakes. There is gula Melaka, cempedak, and durian. Japan lends azuki beans, miso, sakura, and kinako. Classic cocktails like the Negroni and Lychee Martini are turned into fillings. And behind them is a whole galaxy of chocolate-flavoured renditions.

While Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 29 September 2023, most of the places selling them are currently offering early bird discounts. From local pastry brands to Michelin-starred restaurants, see below for Singapore’s best mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival 2023.

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(Hero and featured images credits: The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore; Fairmont Singapore)

30 places for the best mooncakes in Singapore for Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

1 /30

5 ON 25

From 5 ON 25, the Citrus Surprise mooncake has the expected zing of yuzu, then shocks with the savouriness of miso and the richness of caramel. Gula Galore sees lotus paste infused with nutty gula Melaka and crunchy pecan, while Tea Blend and Silver Lotus++ features a trio of teas infused into white lotus paste. The mooncakes are housed in a two-tier box inspired by the heritage shophouses that surround the Chinese restaurant’s home in Andaz hotel, and is design by homegrown lifestyle brand, Binary Style.

S$88 – S$92

Available until 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Andaz Singapore)


2 /30

Capitol Kempinski Hotel

In the market for a new purse and mooncakes? Capitol Kempinski has both bases covered. The hotel is selling baked and snowskin mooncakes with new flavours such as almond red bean paste, pistachio, and Japanese macha mochi that come in an elegant canvas bag. An alternative packaging is a metal tin printed with an image of the historic building, and the hotel also lets you customise your own flavours instead of locking you into a predetermined set.

S$88 – S$122

1 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore)


3 /30

Conrad Singapore Orchard

Summer Palace, the one-Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant at The Conrad hotel, has four traditional baked mooncakes like a Parma ham and pork floss with assorted nuts. For their snowskin varieties, they range from lemon mascarpone chocolate with blue pea tea to coconut chocolate with black glutinous rice. Hotel bar Manhattan also gets in on the action with a gold dusted charcoal snowskin mooncake, which is wrapped around lotus paste, gin-infused cherry and a chocolate ball with a core of Roku Gin. Accompanying it is the Purple Moon cocktail, a spirit-forward sipper with Roku Gin, banana wine, sweet potato, whey syrup, and hazelnut tincture.

S$54 – S$398

30 June – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Conrad Singapore Orchard)


4 /30

Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade’s collection of snowskin mooncakes brings back the popular Macau peanut candy flavour, which complements the soft pastry with a crunchy filling. It joins other varieties such as gula Melaka with Chinese yam and coconut, roasted chestnut, and black glutinous rice with hulut hitam, all in a sleek dark green and rattan-style box. The box is also used to hold their baked options, which range from flaky, Teochew-style yam mooncake to mixed nuts with Jinhua ham.

S$42 – S$82

21 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Crystal Jade Group)


5 /30


Fairmont gets boozy with their range of alcohol-infused snowskin mooncakes, which come in flavours like Baileys Irish cream, lychee martini, and grape soju. Alcohol-free versions take the form of sea salt caramel, black sesame, and yuzu, while baked mooncakes include the low-sugar white lotus paste. For those who like the treat in bite-sized forms, there are mini-mooncakes with fillings of green tea with date and wolfberry, and toffee with hazelnut.

S$52 – S$120

14 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Fairmont Singapore)


6 /30

Fullerton Hotel

If a regular-sized mooncake just does not cut it, Fullerton Hotel has a massively upsized option. The 15 Treasures Premium Gift Set features a giant white lotus mooncake with eight yolks in it, and is surrounded by 14 smaller mooncakes with black sesame and osmanthus flavours. Other options include a tingkat mooncake set with locally-inspired fillings such as satay peanut sauce and hae bee hiam mooncakes, and the Jade Signature Tea Series Baked Mooncakes accented by assam tea and tie guan yin.

S$86 – S$90

24 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Fullerton Hotel Singapore)


7 /30

Gin Thye

Unsurprisingly, national icon and Chinese bakery Gin Thye does classic mooncakes well, including the flaky Teochew-style, white lotus paste studded with egg yolks, tau sar piah (mung bean mooncake), and meaty Shanghai mooncakes. But the institution has kept up with the times. New for this year include snowskin yuzu and pistachio mooncakes, together with a baked version that oozes matcha.

S$11.50 – S$168

Available now

(Image credit: Gin Thye)


8 /30

Not to be outdone by cocktail-inspired mooncakes, Glenfiddich has made their own with whisky. The brand has launched two snowskin mooncakes infused with their 15 and 18 year old single malts, with light, delicate flavours that let the liquid shine. The Solera 15 Mooncake has a creamy dark chocolate and raspberry filling around a Glenfiddich 15 Year Old whisky-infused chocolate praline and fresh cream, while the Small Batch 18 Mooncake’s lychee and walnut filling encasing chocolate praline infused with Glenfiddich 18 Year Old. The mooncakes come in a set, or with a bottle of Glenfiddich 15 Year Old.

S$68 – S$159

Pre-order before 22 September 2023

(Image credit: Glenfiddich)

9 /30

Goodwood Park Hotel

New among Goodwood Park Hotel’s Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes is the custard snowskin pineapple, a tri-coloured creation resembling a Taiwanese pineapple cake. Another is the durian combo snowskin featuring four variants of the fruit. They are joined by returning favourites including Bunny Tubbies – rabbit-shaped pastry with white lotus, pork floss, and salted egg, ondeh ondeh snowskin, mango with pomelo, and cempedak.

S$24 – S$128

16 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Goodwood Park Hotel)


10 /30

Feng Shui Inn

Baked mooncakes get top billing at Feng Shui Inn, which come in modern flavours like black sesame with macadamia and tangerine peel, smoked dates and green tea, mala mixed nuts with bak kwa, and low-sugar white lotus paste with double yolk. For their mini snowskin, osmanthus wine is enriched by yuzu, persimmon, and cashew, while a mulberry-flavoured wrapping is used to encase purple potato, almond praline, organic quinoa crunch, and Peruvian chocolate.

S$85 – S$98

12 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Resorts World Sentosa 圣淘沙名胜世界)


11 /30

Hai Tien Lo

The highlight of Hai Tien Lo’s Mid-Autumn Festival collection is the No. 1 tea baked mooncake, which has a robust blend of teas and herbal ingredients that manages to be both delicate yet opulent. Other baked options range from black sesame to the classic white lotus with salted egg yolk, while snowskin varieties include yam paste with White Rabbit candy ganache.

S$90 – S$278

19 June – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Pan Pacific Singapore)


12 /30


It can be difficult to score a reservation at Hashida, but their mooncakes offer a glimpse into the famed Japanese restaurant. Of the two flavours, the iconic cherry blossom influences a sakura-flavoured style with smooth Japanese white bean paste and gooseberry jam. The chef is also an ambassador for Krug champagne, which is celebrating lemon as the house’s ingredient of the year, and he created the lemon nasu mooncake with velvety Japanese eggplant, white bean paste, honey, and lemon peel.


14 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Hashida)


13 /30

Hilton Singapore Orchard

Hilton Singapore Orchard covers all the bases for mooncakes. There are traditional flavours such as white lotus with salted egg yolk, as well as contemporary creations including matcha black sesame and gula Melaka with azuki bean. They are packed in a box that uses cut-outs and augmented reality to bring a garden to life – a nod to Orchard Road’s beginnings as a plantation – and the box is wrapped in furoshiki cloth that can be repurposed into a scarf or tablecloth.

S$82 – S$88

28 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Hilton Singapore Orchard)


14 /30

Janice Wong

At Janice Wong, mooncakes come from three places – nostalgia, Japan, and nature. Under Childhood Memories, familiar treats are turned into chocolate flavours such as peanut butter Snickers and salted pecan dark chocolate, while Japan-inspired brings together baked mooncakes with native ingredients like kuromitsu (black syrup), azuki bean, and kinako (roasted soybean flour). From the Floral category, snowskin mooncakes are done in a pastel palette and elicit aromas from rose to lavender apricot. The mooncakes are available in pairs or a box of eight.

S$22 – S$105

Available until 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Janice Wong)


15 /30

Le Levain

Le Levain founder and World Gourmet Awards Baker of the Year finalist, Wythe Soon applies his baking expertise to two mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival. The first is the Teochew-style option featuring traditional delicate flaky layers holding contemporary fillings like black sesame, bobo chacha mochi, and molten salted egg. The other is the snowskin mooncake, which has a truffle filling spiked with fruit liqueurs such as apricot, pear, and lychee.

S$82 – S$86

Until 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Le Levain)


16 /30

Lime Restaurant

Molten custard bun meets mooncake in Lime Restaurant’s lineup for Mid-Autumn Festival 2023. The new salted egg lava flavour has an oozy savoury centre, while the matcha lava option bleeds creamy green tea. The classic white lotus paste mooncake also gets a twist of lychee, and all come packaged in a biodegradable and durable bamboo box.

S$88 – S$98

24 July – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Parkroyal Collection Pickering)



17 /30

Man Fu Yuan

Man Fu Yuan makes flowers bloom from their mooncakes, with brim with the fragrance of honeysuckle and chrysanthemum, violet and black tea, magnolia and osmanthus honey, and rose with chamomile. The Negroni-inspired mooncake also makes a return, featuring the classic cocktail turned into a bittersweet truffle centre and encased in white lotus paste. Like your mooncake with meat but no longer a carnivore? They have one with plant-based ham.

S$86 – S$192

7 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: InterContinental Singapore)


18 /30

Mdm Ling Bakery

Mdm Ling Bakery officiates a wedding between mooncake with kueh lapis, a debut offering among their Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 range. The kueh’s multiple tiers are revealed when sliced open, and flavoured with pandan, chocolate, or coffee. Also new is the popping candy truffle snowskin mooncake that combines the characteristic crackling sensation with sweet dragonfruit. The treats come in packagings from a lantern-inspired bucket bag to a Mdm Ling Bakery Monopoly gift set with streets named after its signature cookies.

S$72 – S$118

14 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Mdm Ling Bakery)


19 /30

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie

Bons Bons become the template for mooncakes at Mr. Bucket. The chocolatier launches its inaugural mooncake collection based on their signature, which are around four times the size of their regular bon bon, plus a thin crisp single origin Asian chocolate shell and layers of ganache fillings. Four flavours are available, including salted egg yolk, yuzu pumpkin, honey oolong, and pandan macadamia.


15 August – 24 September 2023

(Image credit: Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie) 


20 /30


PS.Cafe debuts its first mooncake collection, and they are doing it in their own style. The Cantonese mooncakes are stamped with the brand’s designs and come in flavours like white truffle with salted egg yolk, Verandah (pandan, coconut, salted egg yolk), and Superfood (pine nut, sunflower seed, walnut, melon seed, almond, orange peel). Fans of the restaurant’s popular sticky date pudding can look to the sticky date mooncake, which has plump honeyed dates and brown sugar mochi mixed in a luscious date paste. If you puck up the mooncakes through Deliveroo or at PS.Cafe Palais Renaissance, you get a plating board to show them off appropriately.


1 August – 26 September 2023

(Image credit: PS.Cafe)


21 /30

Raffles Hotel

Raffles Hotel Singapore presents two new snowskin creations for Mid-Autumn Festival 2023. Inspired by Long Bar’s Sakura Sling cocktail, fresh raspberries are paired with cherry blossom in the floral sakura and raspberry truffle mooncake, while yam is joined with coconut rum for a modern take on the Teochew mooncake. Other returning favourites range from the champagne truffle snowskin, to pine nut and macadamia nut with white lotus paste.

S$97 – S$99

1 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Raffles Hotel Singapore)


22 /30


Taking centrestage this year is Shang Place’s mung bean spirulina bird’s nest charcoal mooncake, which combines a nutty profile with the saline tang of the superfood, then wrapped in charcoal skin and sprinkled with gold dust. The Chinese restaurant at Shangri-La hotel also teamed up with Origin Bar on a number of mooncakes inspired by their cocktails. One of them is Love Handles, which lends strawberry, gin, pink salt, red wine stock, and chocolate to white lotus paste. For the health-conscious, the plant-based Shanghai mooncakes is made with ingredients like organic, cold-pressed coconut oil.

S$59 – S$148

1 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Shangri-La Singapore)


23 /30

Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro

Shisen Hanten gets in the Mid-Autumn Festival spirit with their mooncakes. New at the one-Michelin-starred restaurant is charcoal black sesame with sakura prawn, pistachio, and melon seeds, while the assorted nuts with jamón Ibérico pays tribute to a Cantonese classic. They are joined by the snowskin oolong tea chocolate with orange paste, and lychee martini chocolate.

S$76 – S$178

1 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro)


24 /30

Summer Pavilion

The Irish Coffeetini mini mooncake is the brainchild of two award-winning establishments at The Ritz-Carlton. The snowskin variant sees Summer Pavilion infusing white lotus paste with Irish coffee liqueur and dark chocolate truffle, a nod to Republic bar’s Kim Sisters cocktail. Other varieties include Summer Pavilion’s signature snowskin lycheetini mooncakes, and the traditional white lotus seed paste with double yolk. All mooncakes come in a quilted leather case.

17 July – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore)


25 /30


Swensen’s takes what it does best – ice cream – and sticks it into mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival. They have a chewy, mochi-like snowskin packed with five new flavours including, ube, genmaicha, and lychee rose, while returning favourites range from sticky chewy chocolate to cookies and cream. All eight varieties can be customised into a set.

S$50 – S$60

1 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Swensen’s)


26 /30

Tai Cheong Bakery

Hong Kong-based bakery Tai Cheong brings a taste of Cantonese mooncakes by flying them directly from its hometown. The white lotus paste mooncakes are made with premium ingredients from Yunnan, while the wu ren (five nuts) features almond, walnut, melon seed, sesame seed, and cashew. These two flavours are also in the Divine Melody set of six, joining mini mooncakes of custard, black sesame mochi, and matcha with red bean paste. Available at all Tai Cheong Singapore outlets.

S$60 – S$86

16 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Tai Cheong Bakery Singapore / Facebook)

27 /30

The Marmalade Pantry

Gems from The Marmalade Pantry’s Jewel Vault mooncake box include the new assam tea and Hokkaido milk with raisin, which combines the fragrance of tamarind tea with lotus paste. The taro coconut is another debut flavour featuring the classic Teochew yam mooncake with shredded coconut and Taiwanese red bean, while red lotus and black sesame with pecan walks the line between nutty and subtly sweet.


1 July – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: The Marmalade Pantry)


28 /30

Thye Moh Chan

Teochew mooncakes are one of many options at these places offering them, but Thye Moh Chan makes it their sole specialty. The local pastry shop still does them with the traditional crispy lard-infused crust, and fills them with jasmine with salted egg yolk, salty tau sar, and spicy pork floss. Lesser-seen varieties are also available, from the pancake-like version with a maltose centre, to black sesame cake studded with persimmon, winter melon, and winter melon seeds. Available at all Thye Moh Chan outlets and major food delivery platforms.

S$18.80 – S$54.80

1 August – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Thye Moh Chan)

Tiong Bahru Bakery has made its first steps into the mooncake game, and they have done so in their own way. The brand has created four kouign amanns that pack Asian ingredients between their buttery layers, including the yuzu and osmanthus kouign amann with wolfberry, honey, ginger, and sesame with pine nut, black sesame and coconut, and lotus paste and salted egg kouign amann with macadamia. The four flavours are only sold as a set (S$55) online or at all TBB stores islandwide.

(Image credit: Tiong Bahru Bakery)

30 /30


Yàn’s lineup this year includes the new baked lychee white lotus mooncake, which sees fresh lychee adding a refreshing, fruity dimension to the rich lotus paste. The thousand layer yam mooncake has flaky pastry wrapped around a sweet and earthy yam paste, while the Mao Shan Wang durian snowskin mooncake is richly bittersweet.

S$76 – S$102

1 July – 29 September 2023

(Image credit: Yàn)

30 best mooncakes in Singapore for Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

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