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Far East Flora opens a garden-themed cafe at their new 11-storey flower market

Horticulture retailer Far East Flora is branching out into the dining segment with the opening of a cafe at the new Far East Flora Centre in Clementi.

The garden-themed F’east cafe has an all-day menu of avocado toast and fish and chips. The 11th-storey building also has a rooftop garden.

Those looking to pick up plants and gardening supplies can do so at “Singapore’s first vertical flora centre.” Eschewing the typical wide-spread layout of a traditional nursery, Far East Flora Centre offers distinct shopping experiences on each floor, including fresh groceries and pet supplies.

Far East Flora Centre
F’east cafe (Image credit: Far East Flora)

Additionally, the building has sustainable features. Rainwater can be harvested and recycled, and the facility has a self-irrigation system. It is also powered by rooftop solar panels, high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans, and energy-efficient LED lights.

“As frontrunners in the floriculture retail sector, we aim to transform the way people view a plant nursery,” said group managing director, Danny Cheok. “It should offer more than just a selection of potted plants or gardening merchandise but instead, a space for our guests to engage with nature, find inspiration for their green spaces, and discover the joy of plant care. Alongside the serenity, clean air, and lively hues that floriculture offers, it creates an ideal atmosphere for anyone looking to retreat to a green oasis without having to leave our urban city.”

What to expect at Far East Flora Centre

F’east cafe (Image credit: Far East Flora)

Eat at F’east cafe

Far East Flora’s first dining establishment has its eye on brunch. The cafe serves staples including avocado toast, bacon and egg croissant, and desserts like croffle and ricotta pancake. They are joined by heartier fare such as sirloin steak, smoked duck aglio olio, fish and chips, and platters of meat and seafood.

The ground-level F’east cafe also mimics the brand’s focus on plants. The space is designed to be vibrant and green, with plants surrounding diners.

Far East Flora Centre
Far East Flora Centre (Image credit: @wahbiang / Instagram)

Unwind at the rooftop garden

After a meal, take a walk around the Rooftop Sky Garden. The area is both shaded and outdoors, and provides a view of the surrounding area. Sky Garden is also stocked with fruit trees, herbs and edible varieties, and aquatic plants, which can be purchased.

Far East Flora Centre
(Image credit: Far East Flora)

Shop for your home

Far East Flora Centre sells over 1,000 varieties of flowers and 500 types of plants, which are spread across different floors. For instance, the basement sells exotic plants and orchids, while the ground floor offers indoor houseplants. Gardening supplies and planting medium are also available.

On the second floor, shoppers can buy wholesale flowers, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. The centre also has a Ryan’s Grocery branch selling organic beef, pork, and lamb, and a Pet Lovers Centre outlet.

Far East Flora Centre is located at 435 Clementi Rd, Singapore 599873.

(Hero and featured images credit: @wahbiang / Instagram)

Far East Flora opens a garden-themed cafe at their new 11-storey flower market

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