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The ultimate guide to the best food, drink and grocery deliveries in Singapore

We love heading out to explore new restaurants and bars as much as the next person, but it’s safe to say deliveries are here to stay.

Dining restrictions have been one of the most concerning matters in the F&B industry, and with a whole slew of flip-flopping regulations no thanks to new clusters forming, we think we’re better off eating at home, at least for now.

Since circuit breaker last year, we’ve come up with easy, fuss-free lists of different types of food and drink deliveries you can get in the comfort of your home. We’ve also thrown in a number of places you can get your groceries from too, in case you’re not one to jostle with the crowd during a pandemic.

If you’re looking for a master list of all the food, drink and grocery deliveries in Singapore, you’re in luck. Read on for our ultimate delivery directory (and don’t forget to bookmark this page).


best dim sum delivery singapore

Want some dim sum? Here’s where to order from

From high-end Cantonese restaurants to dim sum chains that you find yourself in past midnight, we’ve got it all.

steak delivery singapore

Steakhouses that deliver prime cuts 

We don’t want to mess up an expensive cut, so we’re leaving the cooking up to the professionals.

japanese bento

Fuss-free Japanese bento boxes

A fuss-free, all-in-one bento box stuffed with all our favourites? Consider us sold.

fine dining deliveries

Bring the fine dining experience home

Recreate the fine dining experience as close as possible in the comfort of your own home — minus the white tablecloth and taper candles, of course.

Korean dishes

Hearty Korean fare at home

Whether you’re a Koreaboo, or you just love digging into some authentic, fiery-red stews, read on for the full list of Korean restaurants that are delivering to you.

Dive into the ocean with these fresh oyster deliveries

Jazz up dinner or happy hour at home with live oysters freshly shucked and delivered straight to your doorstep.


Up your delivery game with these gourmet burgers

The taste of childhood cannot be compared to, but there are so many gourmet burger options available island-wide that are so much better in terms of quality — here’s where to get them from.

mexican delivery Singapore

Go loco over these Mexican deliveries

Simple, home-style plates that are generous in portions, made to nourish, and fill you to the brim.

fried chicken delivery

There’s nothing some fried chicken can’t fix

Your diet can start tomorrow. We’ve rounded up the best fried chicken joints in Singapore that deliver to you, so you can tuck into these sinful morsels without worry. 

Turn up the heat with these Sichuan restaurants

If you find yourself drawn to the fiery plates despite the heat, you’ve found the right place. 

best ramen restaurants in singapore for home delivery

The best comforting bowls of ramen

Ramen is always a good idea, whether it’s raining out or not. We’re sharing some of our favourite ramen restaurants in town that are serving their bowls right to your doorstep.

Lucali BYGB

Gourmet pizza joints serving slices of heaven to you

There’s a pizza for everyone in town, so here are our picks for the best gourmet pizza deliveries in Singapore. 

meal kits singapore

Turn into a master chef at home with these meal kits 

Fresh food meal kits are the paint-by-numbers of the home cooking world. Besides being mailed to your home, they come with step-by-step instructions for a less daunting cooking experience compared to recipe research and grocery shopping. 

Curb your midnight cravings with these supper deliveries

There’s nothing worse than ignoring a late night hunger pang that’s keeping you awake. Give into your cravings with these supper deliveries.

vegetarian deliveries Singapore

Go plant-based with these vegetarian joints

Good for the earth, the body and the soul, here are the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore that are delivering to your doorstep.


Japanese whiskies for beginners

Thinking of dabbling into the world of Japanese whiskies while you’re stuck at home? Here’s our hitlist of what you’ve got to try and where to get them from.

best sake deliveries in Singapore

Recreate the izakaya experience with these sake deliveries

The next best thing during this relentless pandemic is to bring travel home, and it starts with the best sakes that can be delivered to you.

The best craft beer delivery services

Nothing like knocking back a couple of pints after a long work day. Or at work — just don’t get caught by your boss.

Tired of booze? Get these non-alcoholic wines and spirits

All the taste of your favourite boozy drinks, minus the headache and hangover.

cold brew deliveries Singapore

Need coffee? Here’s some cold brew

If you’re lazy to brew your own cup of Joe, here’s the perfect solution: cold brew bottles.

wine deliveries in singapore

Wine delivery platforms to drink your day away

We don’t advocate for alcoholism, but if a bottle of red is going to make you feel better, then we say go for it.

cocktail deliveries in singapore

Bring the bar home with these cocktail deliveries

You won’t even have to limit yourself to the 10.30pm rule when you knock back some of these delicious drinks on your couch.


Best tarts that come delivered

Need some crunch with your dessert? Move over cakes, we’re getting some tarts.

Dessert boxes that’ll brighten anyone’s day

If you’re hankering for an afternoon pick-me-up but can’t decide what to get, then these dessert boxes are for you.

kueh delivery singapore

Traditional kueh deliveries for some old-school flavour

Afternoon treats, but make it local. P.S They are just as Instagram-worthy as tarts, pies and cakes. 

high tea afternoon tea

Get some fancy afternoon tea sets delivered home

Not us drowning our worries in drinks without being judged by the passing wait staff.

cake delivery singapore

Have your cake and eat it too

Whether you have a small celebration to mark or need some good ol’ fashioned cheering up, here’s a round-up of cake deliveries in Singapore.


Local fish farms for all your seafood needs

Rising concerns over fish supply have been buzzing around the community but you don’t have to fret. 

Best places for Online Grocery Shopping in Singapore

A definitive list of online grocery shops

Sorry, we’re not about to spend more than 30 minutes jostling with the crowds at the nearest supermarket.

Where to get your favourite plant-based meat in Singapore

Going vegan or just trying out flexitarianism? We’ve rounded up some of the most popular plant-based meat alternatives — sans the physical grocery shopping.

Shopping organic? Here’s where to order from

Food traceability? Check. Honest produce? Check.

(Hero and featured image credit: Spencer Davis on Unsplash)

The ultimate guide to the best food, drink and grocery deliveries in Singapore

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