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Pop-up steakhouse The Feather Blade has a steak cut you’ve probably never tried

The holy trifecta of steaks — the ribeye, sirloin and tenderloin — rules and dominates the menu of every steakhouse, at any price point. But at steakhouse pop-up The Feather Blade, there’s only one star: the elusive flat iron cut, sometimes known as the feather blade.

Founder Sheen Jet Leong, who works full-time in the fintech industry, was inspired to create the concept after working at London-based steakhouse Flat Iron in 2015. The restaurant is best known for offering only flat iron steaks, obtained from the shoulder blade of cattle, at only £10 (S$17.60).

So far, Sheen’s got Flat Iron’s winning formula down to the T for his pop-up, which will be hosted at modern Chinese restaurant and bar Zui Hong Lou for eight weekends starting from 2 March 2019. We’ve had an exclusive first-look, and here’s the lowdown on what to expect.

1. What’s the price range like?

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Sheen’s not trying to make The Feather Blade the next Cut by Wolfgang Puck, but he isn’t falling short on standards either. “I always felt that Singapore’s steakhouse scene was uninspiring and was amazed by the concept of a £10 steak at Flat Iron that didn’t compromise on the taste and overall experience for diners. Hence, the idea of The Feather Blade was born,” says Leong. The menu is structured very much like Flat Iron’s. There’s only one steak on the menu, the feather blade/ flat iron cut, at $21. Sides come up at $7 each and sauces at $2.

2. What’s the deal with the feather blade steak?

(Image – The Feather Blade)

The steak is cut from the shoulder blade. As such, only a few portions can be obtained from every cow. While it is often compared to the tenderloin in texture and taste, the feather blade cut is much smaller and thus much cheaper. The Feather Blade doesn’t have its own cattle farm and it obtains grain-fed beef from Australia which is then wet-aged for 30 days.

The pop-up kitchen sous-vides the 200g steak first for even-cooking and then finishes it off by the grill, glazed in brown butter and a sprinkle of smoked sea salt. The recommended doneness — as with any good steak — is medium rare, but more open-minded diners should go a little rarer.

3. The accomplices: sides and sauces

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At 200g each, that’s a relatively small portion of red meat for most diners. We’d recommend adding a side dish or two when dining here. The creamed spinach, cooked with Parmigiana Reggiano and a dash of nutmeg as well as the creamed corn with a touch of truffle salt are must-order sides.

The feather blade steak is good on its own, though there’s no harm in trying the housemade sauces available as well. The peppercorn sauce here is prepared with Sichuan ones, though what you’d get is just a light spank of numbness at the tip of your tongue. The horseradish cream is prepared fresh on the spot to impart a light piquant note to your steak

4. Get your drinks on

Sake (Image - The Feather Blade)
Sake (Image - The Feather Blade)
Kyoho Sangria (Image - The Feather Blade)
Kyoho Sangria (Image - The Feather Blade)

What’s steak without drinks? Diners will get the usual slew of red and white wines, but we say go adventurous and try out other pairings. Sake pairings are all the rage in restaurants for a while now, and The Featherblade is reflective of this on-going trend. The menu features award-winning small-batch sakes such as the Yoshikubo Ippin and the Tamagawa Ice Breaker. But hey, it’s the weekend and you deserve to let loose a little. Go for the heady cocktails like Death on Weekends (champagne with a naughty shot of absinthe) and the Kyoho Sangria.

5. Free-flow steaks on 2nd March

(Image – The Feather Blade)

The Feather Blade pop-up officially starts from 2 March and will run every Saturday and Sunday till 28 April. On its opening day, the pop-up is giving out complimentary steaks for all diners from 5.30pm till it runs out. Steak-lovers, you’ll want to mark this down on your calendar.


The Feather Blade will be held at Zui Hong Lou, 90 Club Street.


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Pop-up steakhouse The Feather Blade has a steak cut you’ve probably never tried

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