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Review: Morton’s The Steakhouse is the quintessential place for steaks in Singapore

Steakhouses are aplenty in Singapore, which is why we have a trustworthy list for those who are looking for the cream of the crop options. Of all these, Morton’s The Steakhouse is often the first to be mentioned when it comes to recommendations for a great steak. More than a decade in the business, the American restaurant has consistently stood out as a perennial favourite for carnivores.

Let’s be frank here: how much different can a steakhouse be? We had dinner there, and we noticed how the restaurant keeps the classic steakhouse modern and exciting — and how it has lodged itself consistently at the top of mind for steaks.

A swanky environment that’s still comfortable

morton's singapore steak

To be sure, Morton’s ticks all the boxes of a high-end classic steakhouse. Think low-lit chandeliers, white tablecloths on tables and private dining rooms. While the restaurant has its own bar, more serious cocktails can be had at its dedicated space at The Bar at Morton’s just outside — an equally sophisticated spot for smaller bites.

Despite the stylish interiors, dining here is anything but stiff thanks to the small, thoughtful details everywhere. Over at the banquettes, tables can be rolled out to allow diners to sit comfortably instead of having to awkwardly scooch over the upholstery. Instead of dainty buns, you’re encouraged to tear into a giant garlic loaf with relish. Overhead, the restaurant rolls out a tasteful playlist of modern pop hits. There’s no pretension here and the warm, attentive service team guarantees that.

You can go for the classic appetisers or something more

The mark of a good steakhouse is not just in the quality of steaks but also with the variety of seafood appetisers it offers at the start of the meal. Morton’s sees a list of classic appetisers such as shrimp cocktails and crabcakes. There are also more indulgent offers unique to the menu such as Maine lobster cocktails, prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella and tuna tacos.

The Prime Ocean Platter we tried here is a great overview of the selection as well as a pleasing revelation to the quality of seafood. The chilled platter comes with a whole Maine lobster, crabmeat and Alaskan King Crab legs portioned out neatly over a bed of ice, making for easy picking of the plump, juicy flesh without the mess.

Now, for Morton’s main star: aged USDA beef

steak morton's singapore

Thanks to the many beef options in the market now, steakhouses offer a variety of steaks hailing from Australia to Japan boasting well-marbled steaks in a range of ageing methods for the best flavours.

Morton’s goes for simplicity. As an American steakhouse, the restaurant stands by one type of beef: the dependable USDA Prime beef, a restaurant-quality grade representing the top two per cent of American beef offering rich marbling and flavour. Steaks are also wet-aged in their own juices for 23 to 28 days before they land on the grill. There’s no rocket science to it and Morton’s allows the natural qualities of the meat to shine through: a gentle beefy flavour with a softer and juicier bite.

The menu sees many different cuts, from the rib-eyes to the tender filet mignons. We got to try the Porterhouse which offers both filet mignon and sirloin steaks by the bone. The hefty 24-ounce steak is simply grilled to medium rare, allowing the best expressions of the cuts of beef: a buttery, tender filet mignon and a flavourful sirloin with bite.

Take your steak to the next level your way

morton's singapore steak
filet mignon morton’s singapore

Ask for recommendations and the service team will gladly provide. Though, the best way to enjoy your steak is really just whatever way you like it — even if it means having it well-done and slathered in ketchup.

Morton’s has more gourmet options to consider. There are six different enhancements to choose from to go with your steaks, such as a spicy poblano butter, Wagyu herb butter or a foie gras and cognac butter. Or, go for the ‘Oscar style,’ a decadent bearnaise sauce topped with fresh crab and asparagus.

Dessert is why you should absolutely stay on till the end.

must-try dishes at Morton's

Desserts share a special soft spot at the heart of Morton’s. As with its appetisers and mains, the restaurant is determined to do sweet treats the epic way. Classics like cheesecakes, carrot cakes and key lime pies are always on the menu. It’s still worth exploring other options. The Morton’s Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake is a must-have signature at the restaurant, a chocolate cake with hot chocolate lave oozing out from its centre. A grand way to end off a luxurious steak dinner, we think!

Review: Morton’s The Steakhouse is the quintessential place for steaks in Singapore

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