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Where to find the best chicken rice in Bangkok (outside of Pratunam)

This has been simultaneously one of the most difficult and one of the easiest stories for us to research. Here are the best chicken rice spots in Bangkok.

We know that when it comes to chicken rice, everybody in Bangkok has a street-side favourite. Whether it’s your go-to drunk food or your must-have breakfast dish, Hainanese chicken rice (or Thai-style Hainanese chicken rice) is a time-tested and deeply beloved dish for many. In fact, Bangkokians can get really territorial and worked up about their chicken rice recommendations.

Some swear by Soi Convent as the place to get chicken rice. Others are Team Kaeo Pochana. Most of us have engaged in Pratunam’s Go-Ang versus Kuang Heng debate at least once in our lives. And many more have simply resorted to good old Boon Tong Kee.

Bangkok is packed with great chicken rice options, and that’s a fact. Here, we decided to cut through a lot of the noise to provide a fool-proof and fail-safe list of great chicken rice spots to bookmark. We’ve kept our list short and specific, as many popular spots don’t have social media presence, and may be a little trickier to find.

Perhaps you’re on holiday in Thailand and want to see what the hype is all about, or perhaps you just want to switch up your regular order. From the classics to the more contemporary, find our list of the best chicken rice in Bangkok below (bar Pratunam, of course).

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Hai Num Nang]

Where to find the best chicken rice in Bangkok

The Montien Hotel is synonymous with Hainanese chicken rice, and anyone who has been to its Ruenton restaurant will be quick to see why. Diners order it without even looking at the menu, sometimes even before being seated. Extremely popular, but also understandably so, the chicken rice here comes with all the trimmings: boiled chicken (with or without skin), oil-cooked rice, four dipping sauces, clear chicken broth, and veggies. The Montien Hotel recently unveiled its newly-renovated interiors, too, so now is an especially good time to go visit.

A lot more casual but just as flavourful, Boon Tong Kiat is a spot that many Bangkokians swear by. Poached in oil and soy sauce before serving, the chicken here is tender and juicy, served with a great selection of dipping sauces to suit. Boon Tong Kiat takes on a more Singaporean perspective with its menu, also offering other favourites like Bak Kut Teh and Hokkien noodles. Priced at THB65 (approx. S$25), it’s an authentic chicken rice well worth trying — and well worth ordering a double serving for.

[Image Credit: @cartogramme/Instagram]

Hai Num Nang is lesser mainstream, but serves up a beautifully plated chicken rice, very much revered for the rice itself. What’s good here is that dishes can be shared between two to three, or three to five people, and you could even get the whole chicken if you’re with a bigger group. There are also other Chinese favourites like mapo tofu on the menu here.

For those who are looking for a more minimalistic approach to their chicken rice, check out Hoong Rice Shop. The Silom eatery is pretty hidden, but delivers plenty of cool points if you do find it. They sous vide the chicken here, and serve gravy out of a teapot for extra ‘grammability, for a chicken rice dish that is certainly not your conventional. They also do Biryani Rice in a similar style.

“Sri Lueng” translates to as much as “yellow colour,” which is a cheeky name for this cheeky chicken rice spot. Here you’ll find the city’s biggest chicken rice, which comes served on a massive platter with all the trimmings. It’s priced at THB 500 (approx. S$19.50), though if you can finish it all within an hour, we’ve heard you can even get it for free. Challenge accepted?

Where to find the best chicken rice in Bangkok (outside of Pratunam)

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