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16 places for the best durian desserts in Singapore today

Every day is durian season with these best durian desserts in Singapore.

Twice a year, the country is bestowed with a wave of spiky fruits that have the potential to cleave the population in half — those who adore durian’s sweet creamy flesh, and those who gag at first whiff of its infamous musky smell.

Among the people who enjoy durian, there are purists who insist on one way to eat the fruit: by splitting the green husk open and stripping the custardy meat right off the seeds. Then there are those who are unwilling to put themselves through a thorny situation. The next best option then is durian desserts.

 In spite of its distinct flavours, durian lends itself surprisingly well to a wide range of treats. It gelds fantastically well with mille crepe cakes and cheesecakes. It adds deep, funky layers to cream puffs. Durian ice cream is practically a no brainer. Then there are other purveyors who see fit to feature durian in traditional desserts like kueh, green bean soup, and chendol, as well as local interpretations of macaron, mochi, Swiss roll, and mousse. Check them out below.

Where to get the best durian desserts in Singapore

(Featured and hero image credit: Goodwood Park Hotel)

This traditional fruit stall scores some of the best mao shan wang durians for its stands. Behind this unassuming front, 818 also makes some great desserts from its quality produce. Its most popular pastry is the choux puff, piped to the brim with cream made from fresh durian. The shop also does durian sandwiches and simple durian cakes as well. If you’re not so much a fan of desserts, 818 also offers scoops of pure durian flesh and individually vacuum-packed durian seeds.

(Image credit: 818 Durians & Pastries / Facebook)

1550 Bedok North Ave 4, #02-24, Singapore 489950
6493 9818

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99 Old Trees

Durian stall 99 Old Trees works directly with Fook Gor Durian Farm in Raub, West Pahang, to import high quality Mao Shan Wang and D24 durians. Since 2022, they branched out into a cafe that sells durian chendol and other desserts with the spiky fruit, including mousse, ice cream, Swiss roll, and rum shortcake. Currently, 99 Old Trees only offers the desserts in-store, and they have a durian confidence course that teaches the basics of picking a good durian, a sample of six different varieties, and free-flow Mao Shan Wang.

(Image credit: @bellavi_lucete / Instagram)

1 Teo Hong Rd, Singapore 088321
9822 2495

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Ah Chew Desserts

Traditional desserts get a durian twist at Ah Chew. Their selection includes durian yam sago that is reminiscent of orh nee, and a seaweed green bean soup with durian, which adds a creamy texture to the sweet-savoury dish.

(Image credit: Ah Chew Desserts)

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Chalk Farm is popular for its fuss-free cakes and modern iterations of kueh. While it does not have a huge range of durian-centric desserts, its durian salat, a decadent take on kueh salat, has a thick durian custard over a tier of sticky rice, which is dyed a deep blue using butterfly pea flower. Only mao shan wang or wang zong wang durians are used for this kueh.

(Image credit: Chalk Farm)


5 /16

Dessert Bowl

Besides Hong Kong dessert soups and waffles, Dessert Bowl also has a few durian offerings up its sleeve such as snow ice with durian puree, durian crepe, and durian chendol. The must-order, however, is the durian mousse, which is served with a huge dollop of durian puree. You can add on another spoonful of puree if you are craving for more.

(Image credit: DessertBowl一碗甜品2008 / Facebook)

80A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555976
6285 1278

6 /16

DurianBB’s claim to fame is their King-on-King MSW durian burnt cheesecake. It is made with durian pulp blended with cheese until smooth and custardy, sprinkled with lemon zest, and crowned with whole pieces of mao shan wang sourced from their own farm. The store also sells durian mousse shaped like a bao, and mao shan wang milkshake.

(Image credit: Durianbb Singapore / Facebook)

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Durian Lab Café

Durian Lab Café is backed by Ah Seng Durian, which has been selling the spiky fruit for over 40 years. The cafe only uses mao shan wang in all their pastries, ranging from tart and sponge cake to a burnt cheesecake-muffin tossup called the burnt cruffin. Local desserts also get the durian treatment, including sago and a comforting green bean soup with chunks of mao shan wang flesh.

(Image credit: Durian Lab Café / Facebook)

119 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-22, Singapore 151119
9159 6160

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Vegans who enjoy durian are well looked after by Emicakes’ two eggless D24 creations, which showcase the fruit smothered between layers of vegan vanilla chiffon. Other treats include a half-chocolate half-durian cake, durian mochi, and D24 durian puff.

(Image credit: Emicakes / Facebook)

68 Orchard Rd, #B2-60 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238889
6338 5433

Four Seasons is a fruit stall-turned-bakery led by baking instructor Victor Chan, and his branch in Serangoon’s NEX specialises in the king of all kinds. Besides some of the best classic durian desserts in Singapore, such as puffs and cakes, you can expect other delicious Musang King-infused options here too, including crepes, mochis, and even kaya.

(Image credit: Four Seasons Durians / Facebook)

23 Serangoon Central, #03-K14, Singapore 556083
6634 2979

Golden Moments wants to dazzle you – part of their marketing includes a mao shan wang mille crepe cake crowned with a lit sparkler. But it is not all flash. The 24K Signature Galaxy mao shan wang cake is rich, creamy, and utterly bittersweet, while the transparent-skin Crystal QQ mochi with pure mao shan wang filling is smooth and chewy.

(Image credit: Golden Moments / Facebook)

110 Lor 23 Geylang, #07-10, Singapore 388410
8766 8960

11 /16

Goodwood Park Hotel

It is impossible not to mention Goodwood Park Hotel when it comes to durian treats. Since 1983, the hotel has built an annual tradition of having a durian fiesta featuring puffs, mousse cakes, crepes, and ice creams. From now until 6 August 2023, they are also serving new creations such as D24 white chocolate raspberry cake, D24 pandan coconut gula Melaka cake, and the show-stopping D24 Paris-Brest.

(Image credit: Goodwood Park Hotel)

22 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228221
6737 7411

Heritage Singapore pastry brand Gin Thye Cake Maker has gotten in on the durian act, with items such as pure durian pulp mochi, mao shan wang ice cream, and a flaky pastry with mao shan wang puree. Keep a lookout for their durian mooncake, which is sold during Mid-Autumn Festival.

(Image credit: Gin Thye)

427 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 758394
6257 1566

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Ms Durian is the alter ego of Ling Goh and Jeslyn Tan, two bakers who focus solely on pastries with the king of fruits. They only use mao shan wang, which flavours macaron, craquelin, puff, and coconut milk pudding. Other creations get more indulgent, from a durian cheesecake sprinkled with 24-carat gold leaf, to a durian and whisky cake. Visit their Jalan Besar cafe for a durian high tea and their mao shan wang-infused cold brew coffee.

(Image credit: Ms Durian / Facebook)

11 kelantan road, Jln Besar, 208604

14 /16

Sinpopo makes a business out of turning traditional sweets into modern creations, and the mao shan wang durian cake is one example. Soft, fluffy cake layers are generously filled with the fruit and light cream, then topped off with more durian and a light coating of soft cake crumb. If you visit their restaurant, they also serve durian penget creme brulee and durian sticky rice, both made with mao shan wang.

(Image credit:

310 Orchard Rd, #02-22/27/29 Tang Plaza, Singapore 238864
9785 1749

Sunlife is one of the few dessert sellers that offer durian in a strudel. The inside consists entirely of creamy durian puree, which is sandwiched between two flaky crusts. Another item unique to them is the durian eclair, which combines crisp choux pastry with pure D24 durian and a chocolate glaze.

(Image credit: Sunlife Durian Puffs & Pastries / Facebook)

1 Woodlands Square, #B1 - K10, Singapore 738099
9646 2219

The Durian Bakery wants to be your conduit into what they call “the richest durian experience.” One way they do it is by creating their own durian puree called SilkyGold, which is made from a blend of mao shan wang and D24, and ends up in their mille crepe cake and burnt cheesecake. Other items such as the mao shan wang durian craquelin shows off the popular variety in a choux and bolo bun combination that is best served warm. All creations also have a durian intensity rating.

(Image credit: The Durian Bakery / Facebook)

2 Jalan Lokam Kensington Square #01-47 Singapore 537846
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