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9 refreshing coconut water cocktails to cool down with in the heatwave

Singapore might be hot all year round, but if you’re also trying to survive the heatwave that’s looming over many parts of the UK and Europe, there’s never been a better time to bust out your mixing kit at home and get busy with these refreshing and simple coconut water cocktails.

Coconut water is a fan favourite for those living in tropical countries, but its benefits have been preached . Hydrating, refreshing and loaded with antioxidants, summer is incomplete without sipping on this mildly sweet drink. But what makes coconut water even better? When you add it to cocktails. You might be a fan of the classic pina colada, but there’s so much more you can do with coconut water. So here’s a list of all the delicious cocktails you can make at home this summer with the nutritious beverage.

9 easy coconut water cocktails to beat the heatwave with

Caribeno cocktail

A highball cocktail with coconut water, lime juice, and sugar syrup base spiked with rum, this is a coconut water cocktail at its best. Get your own Caribbean holiday at your home with the taste of coconut water and lime juice. And coconut water and rum go amazingly well anyway. This cocktail was created in San Francisco back in 2009 by Martin Cate, and now you can make it at your home.

Coconut Gin and Tonic

Gin and tonic is one of the best things about summers. Add some coconut water to it, and you have a delicious tropical coconut water cocktail. This is a simple 4-ingredient cocktail that is naturally sweetened with coconut water, but it will keep you cool and hydrated for a long time. All you need for this cocktail are coconut water, lime juice, mint, gin, and tonic.

Coconut Margarita

If you are someone who loves experimenting with their margaritas, this is a perfect cocktail to start with. Add a splash of coconut water to your margarita to give it a nutty twist. The best part about this coconut water cocktail is that it uses fresh coconut ingredients instead of artificial coconut flavoured syrups, and that’s what gives it the fresh tropical punch.

Bluewater Breeze Cocktail

coconut water cocktails
Image: Courtesy The Blond Cook

It’s easy, colourful with its two-toned hue, and it’s delicious. Going strong with the coconut flavour, this cocktail contains coconut rum, coconut water, and cream of coconut. This cocktail gets its blue colour from blue curacao and the green tinge at the bottom from the pineapple juice. This one’s not easy to make, but the time and effort are so worth it.

Get the recipe here

Coconut Pineapple Rum Cocktail

coconut water cocktails
Image: Courtesy Cooks WIth Cocktails

Moving on from the classic pina colada, coconut and pineapple join forces once again to make a terrific tropical treat for the taste buds. With a splash of lime juice for a zesty twist, it does really bring out the flavours of the coconut and pineapple and makes them shine in this coconut water cocktail. You need white rum and coconut flavoured malibu rum for this one, and what you have is summer in your glass.

Get the recip here

Coconut Peach Cooler

coconut water cocktails
Image:Courtesy Instagram/lisa.sips

Have you ever tried the delicious combination of coconut and peach? If not, this is your cue to get started. This simple cocktail calls for three simple ingredients- peaches, coconut water, and rum. For days you just want to sip on coconut water and relax, this is your go-to drink. You will need perfectly ripe peaches for this drink, peeled and pitted and then blended with coconut water and rum and voila!

Get the recipe here

Coconut Cardamom Summer Cocktail

coconut water cocktails
Image: Courtesy Cooking with Books

Coconut, cardamom, elderflower liqueur, what’s not to like about this drink? For this drink, you will need green cardamom pods, simple syrup, cardamom syrup, gin, and of course, coconut water, which is the magic ingredient for all your summer cocktails. Top it off with some dried crisp pear, and your drink is ready!

Get the recipe here

Coconut Champagne Punch

coconut water cocktails
Image: Courtesy Instagram/foodiecrush

Summer brunches will never be the same again with this light, refreshing number. Made with coconut water and champagne, this is as good as a summer cocktail can get. For this, you can use any inexpensive champagne or cava or prosecco as the champagne substitute. The fruit skewers for garnish are what makes this drink look like heaven!

Get the recipe here

Coconut-Lychee Colada

Filled with coconut and sweet lychee, this frozen drink is a must-have coconut water cocktail that you need to try this summer. Full-fat coconut milk, ice cubes, coconut water, Bacardi rum and fresh lychees are all that you need for this delicious summer drink. The full-fat coconut milk takes care of the smooth, creamy texture of the drink.

(Hero and featured image credit: pilipphoto/Getty Images)

9 refreshing coconut water cocktails to cool down with in the heatwave

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