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Review: Binary’s revamped menu prove that Eastern and Western flavours can coexist harmoniously

Can’t decide whether to have Asian or Western cuisine when both cravings hit? Binary, a contemporary gastro-bar, offers the best of both worlds in a single menu while keeping them distinct. No weird fusion combinations here. Instead, the dishes remain true to their specific cooking style and flavours as separate entities.

Unravelling Binary’s Asian-Western duality concept

Established in November 2021, Binary gets its inspiration from the astronomical phenomena of the binary star. They exist in pairs. Hence, based on the concept of two, the 45-seater gastro-bar presents diners with both Asian and Western versions of a focal ingredient separately. For example, Binary’s menu will have two chicken dishes prepared in Asian and Western styles. Coincidentally, Binary’s unit number #01-01A also associates with the binary codes 0 and 1.

Fresh from celebrating its first anniversary, Binary has refreshed its menu to include new dishes, as well ans extend the concept of duality to their cocktail offerings. The latter uses a base spirit or ingredient for two-way cocktail creations in Asian or Western styles.

Standout drinks are the Passion Ginger Julep (the Western equivalent is a Mojito), a rejuvenating rum-based cocktail mixed with passion fruit and a splash of ginger syrup, and Singarita, a twist on a Margarita. Made with Herradura Reposado, it receives a hint of Asian flavours with red chilli shrub and palm sugar.

The best of Asian and Western, past and present

Favourites that remain on the revamped menu exhibit Binary’s strength. Start with the signature in-house pillowy Kubaneh Bread that readily pulls apart into smaller rolls. Slather the accompanying garlic or kombu butter on each roll for an enhanced savoury bite.

Another choice dish will be the grilled octopus with Lao Gan Ma chilli. The octopus is first sous vide with thyme and lemon zest for 4 hours and then combined with an appealing spicy mixture which includes Lao Gan Ma chilli crisp.

Binary’s new creations were just as impressive. While char siew sauce often comes accompanied by with pork, Binary coats it onto Wagyu Petit Tender. The off-shoulder Australian Wagyu cut is soaked in the house-made char siew marinate and baked in the oven before being served with fresh lettuce.

If there’s one dish you must order, it’ll be the oven-roasted whole spatchcock chicken with Mum’s Secret Recipe. The umami-ness from the aromatic soy and oyster sauce marinate makes the juicy chicken an irresistible bite. Other highlights to try are Iberico Presa, King Prawn in Cajun Herb Butter, and Fresh burrata with house-made Impossible meat sauce.

Round off your meal with confections like the decadent 70% Valrhona Dark Chocolate Terrine, salty-sweet Miso Caramel Parfait, and refreshing Yuzu Sorbet with Ice Jelly.

(All image credit: Binary)

Binary is located at 390 Orchard Road, #01-01A, Singapore 238871.

Review: Binary’s revamped menu prove that Eastern and Western flavours can coexist harmoniously

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